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Today Bangladesh Public Service Commission has the results of the 43rd BCS Preliminary Examination. They held a meeting on this issue on August 1, 2021. The results of the 43rd BCS Preliminary Examination were discussed on that day. A preliminary MCQ examination was held about four months apart. After the meeting, the BPSC Authority released the results of the 43rd BCS examination. Like the previous year, this year also BPSC has published the results of their examinations i.e. the 41st BCS MCQ Preliminary Examination online and offline. Online they have published their results in PDF format on the website. And for offline results, the candidate has to send an SMS via mobile phone in the following format. If you are a BCS examinee and expect results, you can get your desired result by following the steps below.


How To Check 43rd BCS Preliminary Result

We are bringing you the offline image and PDF file of the 43rd BCS exam results on our website. You can view your results through photos or PDF files from here. BCS Preliminary Examination was held on 19th March 2021. The much-awaited results were released by BPSC today. BPSC MCQ results will be published online in the BPSC exam results or the noticeboard section. Candidates can see their results by searching their roll. They can also visit the website and download their results and PDF files from there. Candidates who have passed the 43rd BCS Preliminary Preliminary will be selected for the next written test. The date of the written test will be announced very soon.

43rd BCS Exam Details

Preliminary Exam Date:29 OCTOBER

Preliminary Admitcard Download Date:

Written Exam Date:

Total Candidate: 4,24,400

Vacant Posts: 1,814

43rd BCS Preliminary Exam Schedule 2021

The seat plan release date of 43rd BCS has been fixed for 17th October i.e. you will be able to view it from October 17th and you must download the admission form before the exam. You need to download the entry form before the due date. You will get the link to download the entry form from our site. Here you will find instructions on when to download the entry form and also a good idea about what to do before going to the exam hall after downloading the entry form.


Download Full BCS Result PDF Here


43rd BCS Preliminary Results Check Link 2021

The Bangladesh Civil Service or Bangladesh Karma Commission which is better known as (BCS) is the Civil Service of the Government of Bangladesh. Originally the word BCS or Bangladesh Civil Service came from the then Central Superior Services of Pakistan which came again from the Indian Civil Service controlled by the British Empire in the Indian subcontinent. Later, after the 1971 war, it became known as the Civil Service of Bangladesh by the Civil Service Ordinance. BCS’s policy is regulated by the Bangladesh Public Service Commission. There are a total of 26 cadres in the country.

History of BCS 

At that time, the Indian subcontinent was governed by the Indian Civil Service (ICS) of the British Empire, and most of the ICS officers were British. After the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, the Central Superior Services of Pakistan was formed in Pakistan. In the post-war period of 1971, then-President Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman created the BCS or Bangladesh Civil Service to develop the system of government of the newly formed state by law.


Number of Cadres 

Under Bangladesh Civil Service there are 14 general and 14 professional/technical cadres.

General cadre:

1) Bangladesh Civil Service (Administration)

2) Bangladesh Civil Service (Ansar)

3) Bangladesh Civil Service (Audit and Accounting)

4) Bangladesh Civil Service (Cooperative)

5) Bangladesh Civil Service (Excise and Customs)

6) Bangladesh Civil Service (Family Planning)

6) Bangladesh Civil Service (Food)

6) Bangladesh Civil Service (Foreign)

9) Bangladesh Civil Service (Information)

10) Bangladesh Civil Service (Police)

11) Bangladesh Civil Service (Post)

12) Bangladesh Civil Service (Railway Transport and Commercial)

13) Bangladesh Civil Service (Tax)

14) Bangladesh Civil Service (Commerce)


Professional cadre:

1) Bangladesh Civil Service (Roads and Highways)

2) Bangladesh Civil Service (Public Works)

3) Bangladesh Civil Service (Public Health Engineering)

4) Bangladesh Civil Service (Forest)

5) Bangladesh Civil Service (Health)

6) Bangladesh Civil Service (Railway Engineering)

6) Bangladesh Civil Service (Livestock)

6) Bangladesh Civil Service (Fisheries)

9) Bangladesh Civil Service (Statistics)

10) Bangladesh Civil Service (Technical Education)

11) Bangladesh Civil Service (Agriculture)

12) Bangladesh Civil Service (General Teacher)

BCS exam and its rules 

The Bangladesh Civil Service Examination or BCS Examination is a competitive examination conducted across the country for the recruitment of personnel in 26 cadres of the country under the Bangladesh Public Service. Earlier there were 26 cadres but in 2016 the economic cadre was brought under the administration cadre and now there are 26 cadres in Bangladesh.

The BCS exam is usually completed in three steps.

  • First of all, is the preliminary test or (MCQ),
  • Then there is either a written test and
  • Last either final test or oral test.


The BCS exam is considered to be the biggest exam held for job seekers in Bangladesh. About three and a half lakh to four lakh candidates participate in each preliminary examination which is about ninety percent of the total job seekers in the country.

Preliminary Examination: This is the preliminary stage of the BCS examination or qualification selection stage. Examinations are held in May-June every year. The notice is published one month before the test and the results are given within one to one and a half months.

Written Test: This is the main test of BCS which is held in October, November, or December every year. The notice for the test is published about a month in advance and the results are usually released two to three months after the test.

Oral Examination: The oral examination is held after the results of the written examination are published. The final results of BCS are published two and a half months after the examination.

Eligibility for BCS Examination: Any student who has completed four years of Honors or Honors course after Higher Secondary Examination is eligible for BCS Examination. However, if one is in three-year honors or pass course, he must do a master’s. If there is more than one-third division in the academic life, he will not be considered eligible for the BCS examination.

BCS Exam and Exam Subjects 


A) Preliminary examination: In the preliminary examination, there are 200 market personal examinations on ten subjects with a duration of 2 hours. There are a total of 200 subjective questions, each of which has a value of 1. Again 0.5 number can be deducted for each wrong answer. The ten subjects that are tested and their standard distribution are given below.

1) Bengali language and literature – 35

2) English language and literature – 35

3) Bangladesh Affairs – 30

4) International Affairs – 20

5) Geography, Environment and Disaster Management – 10

6) General Science – 15
6) Computer and information technology – 15
6) Mathematical reasoning – 15
9) Mental skills – 15
10) Ethics, Values ​​, and good governance – 10

43rd BCS Circular

B) Written Test: The main journey of the BCS exam starts from the written test. A candidate can answer in any language in Bengali or English in this test of 900 marks. However, the number of written tests does not depend on the language. Depending on the writing quality of a candidate. Examination subjects of general cadre and professional cadre are different

General cadre subject-based number distribution

1) Bengali- 200
2) English- 200
3) Bangladesh Affairs –  200
4) International Affairs – 100
5) Mathematical reasoning and mental skills –  100
6) General Science and Technology –  100

Subject distribution of professional cadre

1) Bengali –  100
2) English – 200
3) Bangladesh Affairs –  200
4) International Affairs –  100
5) Mathematical reasoning and mental skills –  100
6) Post-related issues –  200


If a candidate wants, two cadres can give this test, but in that case, he will have to give an additional test of 200 marks of the subject related to the post after giving the test of general cadre. In other words, he will have to give a total of 1100 marks. In both cases, the pass number is 50%.

C) Oral Examination: Only those candidates who pass the written examination can appear for the oral examination. The oral test consists of 200 marks with a pass mark of 50%.

How BCS Viva Board is Formed 

The Oral Examination Board is constituted as follows to determine the suitability of those who have passed the BCS written examination.
1) Chairman or member of the Commission – Chairman of the Board.

2) Joint Secretary nominated by the Government or an officer of higher rank. Board- Member

3) Thematic experts nominated by the Commission. Board- Member

The viva Board is made up of one or more of these members. Usually, 15 viva boards are formed.
Candidates who have passed the oral examination are recommended in the cadre.

A cadre undergoes health examination, police verification, and NSI (National Security Intelligence) verification before being finally recruited.

Candidates who have passed the BCS examination but have not been recommended in the cadre are given jobs in two types of non-cadre.

1) General
2) Technical

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