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Bangladesh Navy Sailor Job Circular 2021

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Bangladesh Navy provides security to the country’s maritime borders. The Bangladesh Navy provides security to all ports and military installations located within the borders as well as at sea. In addition, during the disaster, the Bangladesh Navy does any work for the socio-economic development of the country. However, the main task of the Bangladesh Navy is to protect the military and economic interests of Bangladesh along with other countries of the world. The Bangladesh Navy also works in UN peacekeeping missions to establish peace in different countries of the world. Recently Bangladesh Navy Sailor Recruitment Circular 2021 has been published. The last date of application in the said recruitment notification is 20 September 2021.

Navy Job Circular 2021

Today we will discuss all the information of Bangladesh Navy Sailor Recruitment Circular 2021. Please stay with us until the end of the discussion. Candidates who are willing to serve in the Bangladesh Navy and to serve the country can apply for the Bangladesh Navy Recruitment Circular 2021 without delay. Eligible candidates should complete the application as soon as possible without delay or sitting down to apply later. Remember that Bangladesh Navy is one of the largest forces in the country. This can be a golden opportunity for you to build your future and contribute to the development of the country. So don’t miss this golden opportunity. In case of sailors and female sailors 18 to 20 years and in the case of MODC all candidates aged 18 to 23 years can apply. circular 2021

Since the Bangladesh Navy patrols rivers and other seas at sea, the candidate interested in applying must know how to swim. No candidate who does not know how to swim will be unable to apply for Bangladesh Navy Soldier Recruitment 2021. Any unmarried (not divorced) male and female citizen of Bangladesh can apply for Bangladesh Navy Recruitment Circular. However, under any law or rule in force in Bangladesh or any other country, a candidate will be considered ineligible to apply if he is arrested, convicted, imprisoned, detained or tried in a court of law or fired or dismissed from the armed forces or any government service. The application can be submitted only online. For submission of application and all other information visit web site. The recruitment circular of the Bangladesh Navy has mentioned the recruitment of candidates in 4 branches. The four branches and the educational qualifications of the application are


How To Apply Bangladesh Navy

  • To apply for the post of Sailor, the candidate must first enter the website
  • Click on Apply Now / Check Now on the Home page.
  • The candidate must first login / Sign in.
  • Then select the branch of application and fill the application form as per the instructions and responsibilities for each post.
  • Since the completed application form will carry all the information later, great care has to be taken while filling the application form. And before submitting the application form, all the information should be re-examined thoroughly.
  • Once the application is completed, you will have to pay a service charge of Tk 200 using any banking card and mobile banking.
  • If the payment is successful, the candidate will complete the application form and submit the color print for the next requirement. During the preliminary selection, the candidate has to show the printed application form along with other documents.

Bangladesh Navy Job Circular 2022

Position Name: DE / UC (Seaman, communication, technical) Male

Educational Qualification: HSC / Equivalent Science. Achieved a minimum of 3.50 GPA.

Position Name: Medical (Male & Female)

Educational Qualification: Achieved minimum 3.50 GPA in HSC including Biology.

Position Name: Petrolman, Cook, Stuart and MODC (Male).

Educational Qualification: Achieved SSC equivalent minimum 3.00 GPA.

Position Name: Writers & Stores (Men & Women)

Educational Qualification: Achieved SSC equivalent minimum 2.50 GPA.

Position Name: Topas (Male)

Educational Qualification: 8th class

If you have the qualification and desire to apply for any of the above-mentioned posts, complete the application now without delay. Remember that the last date of application is 20th September 2021. Apply now without waiting for the deadline.

Physical Qualifications for 2021 recruitment to the post of Soldier of Bangladesh Navy

You too should take this golden opportunity to build the lives of the youth and serve the country.

Branch: Seaman

Height: 5.6 feet

Chest Size: Male 6-81cm (30-32in) Expansion 5cm (2in)

Weight: according to height

Eyesight: 6/6

Branch: Patrolman

Height: 5.6 feet

Chest Size: Male 6-81cm (30-32in) Expansion 5cm (2in)

Weight: according to height

Eyesight: 6/6

Branches: Other branches (Communication, Technical, Medical, Writer, Store, Cook, Steward and Topas).

Height: 5.4 feet (male) 5.2 feet (female).

Chest Size: Male 6-81cm (30-32in) Expansion 5cm (2in)

Female 61-6 cm (28-30 inches)

Expansion 5 cm (2 inches)

Weight: according to height

Eyesight: 6/6

Branch: MODC

Height: 5.6 feet

Chest Size: Male 6-81cm (30-32in) Expansion 5cm (2in)

Weight: according to height

Eyesight: 6/6


Candidates’ preliminary selection and medical checkups will be done in each district on the specified day. If all the documents and proofs of the candidate are found to be correct, his preliminary selection will be done. The candidate will then have to take a written test in English, Bengali, Mathematics, Science, General Knowledge, and Intelligence. Candidates who pass the written test will be appointed as sailors if they pass the final medical test and oral test.

Navy sailor job circular 2021










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The documents that the candidate has to take on the day of preliminary selection are-

1. Certificate of Educational Qualification

2. Certificate of citizenship

3. Certificate of Character

4. National Identity Card

5. Parental consent

6. Photo – 15 copies of the candidate, 1 copy of the father and 1 copy of the mother.

[junkie-alert style=”white”] All certificates and photographs must be attested by a first class gazetted government official. [/junkie-alert]

Job benefits in Bangladesh Navy

1. All recruited candidates will receive all benefits and salary allowance as per the salary order of the Armed Forces as determined by the government.

2. Free accommodation, food and clothing. The benefit of purchasing rations for the family at a reduced price.

3. Benefit of allowance and gratuity. Advantages of promotion to higher posts on the basis of merit while in service.

4. Opportunity to gain financial security by going abroad in UN peace missions.

5. Provide post-based insurance and financial benefits in case of death or disability while in service.

6. Opportunity to get an appointment in Bangladesh Embassy abroad.

7. Opportunity to study in Cadet College, Armed Forces Medical College, Military Institute of Science and Technology.

8. Receiving well-equipped accommodation in a safe and pleasant environment.

9. Military hospitals have access to medical treatment and remittances in case of incurable diseases.


Special instructions:

1. Selected candidates will have to join BNS Titumir, Khulna on the date directed by the recruiting team.

2. Overall conditions are relaxed for accomplished players.

3. Height of 5.4 feet is acceptable in all branches for candidates belonging to small ethnic groups.

4. Candidates will be appointed on the basis of district quota. Candidates from any district other than the district designated for that center cannot be admitted in any center.

5. Government quota system will be followed in recruitment.

6. Must be present at the admission center at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time.

7. No type of electronic device can be entered in the test center.

8. Candidates with more educational qualifications can be admitted. At the time of admission, a certificate of educational qualification must be brought. However, they will not get any opportunity for this.

9. Candidates who have migrated from their own district and are permanently residing in another district will have to bring clearance from the administration of both places.

10. Candidates seeking employment will have to bring clearance from the prescribed authority.

11. All hygiene rules must be followed while coming to the admission center. result 2021

Sailor Recruitment Circular 2021 published by Bangladesh Navy can be a golden opportunity for you. Take the opportunity to recruit sailors to be proud members of the Bangladesh Navy. To become a proud member of the Bangladesh Navy, apply by September 20, 2021, subject to all the conditions set.

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Final Word

The Covid 19 situation has brought down a terrible catastrophe in our country. Don’t do this. The worst victims of this situation are the middle and low income people of this country. It will be very difficult to get out of this situation if we all do not show solidarity with the government and all government activities to deal with this corona. So everyone stays home, stay healthy. And when you go out in an emergency, you must wear a mask, adhere to social distances, and encourage others to wear masks and adhere to social distances. Stay well, stay healthy.

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