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Best Mobile Banking Service In Bangladesh

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Mobile banking has now become very popular in Bangladesh. Mobile banking services and Online Flexiload, Bill Pay, whether you pay online while shopping online, mobile banking is gaining popularity as it is very effective in all these areas. In this post, we will discuss which is the best mobile banking in Bangladesh and which mobile banking will benefit you if you use it.

List Of Mobile banking Service In Bangladesh

Top 6 Mobile Banking Services List in BD
Name  Founder
Bkash BRAC Bank Limited
Rocket (DBBL) Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited
Nagad(নগদ) Bangladesh Post Office
mCash Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited
Sure Cash Progoti Systems Ltd
Upay United Commercial Bank Limited (UCBL)

Best Mobile Banking In Bangladesh

Although all the services of mobile banking are roughly the same, all of them offer different types of customer service. In this case, the customer can choose which mobile banking to use according to his needs. Also, all the questions on whether a customer can use multiple mobile banking services, whether multiple mobile banking accounts can be opened with one national identity card are given in the answer and below.

Number Of Mobile Banking User In Bangladesh

Bkash Mobile Bangking Service


Currently, Bkash is the most popular mobile banking service in Bangladesh. The Bkash services are very large and the number of users is also very high. About three to four million people in Bangladesh use the bKash account. They receive other bKash services. BKash was launched in July 2011. BKash is an organization of BRAC Bank. In order to open a bKash account, the customer has to go to the Bkash digital registration point and create the account by taking an ID card and taking a picture directly. BKash ID can be opened from bKash apps through a National ID card. BKash offers the best customer service among mobile banking services. However, since the cash out charge and send money charge is a bit higher than other mobile banking services, you can use Nagad or Rocket if you want.

Rocket Mobile Banking Service


Rocket Bangladesh is a very well-known mobile banking service. Rocket is a service provider of Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited(DBBL). Rocket’s biggest advantage is that it can be used to withdraw money at a low cost from any ATM booth without any agent through Rocket Mobile Banking. Besides, Dutch Bangla Mobile Banking has taken mobile banking services to a unique height with Rocket. Cash In, Cash Out, Utility Payment, Mobile Recharge, Merchant Payment, Top Up, Salary Disbursement, Foreign Remittance, Government Alliance Disbursement Services. Rocket account can be forwarded to any digital registration point through a National ID card. The customer can also create a Rocket account using his own app. After rocket accounting, an additional number sent from the rocket is given which adds an additional number at the end of the mobile number. Rocket numbers are 12 digits or digits. Rocket mobile banking services are more secure as the twelve-digit numbers and everyone’s numbers are different. Rocket’s customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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Nagad Mobile Banking Service


Nagad started its journey on November 11, 2018. In line with the current era, Nagad has digitalized its services and continues to strive to ensure maximum customer service. Nagad is very well known in the current market as it is launched relatively late compared to bKash and Rocket. On November 11, 2018, the Department of Posts established Nagad for digital transactions. Cash In, Send Money, Cash Out, Payment, Bill Pay, Mobile Recharge, and all other payment-based services are provided. The most popular Nagad services are e-commerce payments. Although bKash was launched in 2011, they launched their apps much later. Nagad is provided to customers from the beginning of their journey.

Mcash Mobile Banking Service


MCash is a very well-known name in the field of online payments. Although not all services like other mobile banking are available from MCash, MCash is far ahead in terms of payment money withdrawals and payments. M Cash is an institution of Islami Bank. Transfer Fund Mobile Top-up of Mobile Recharge All these services are available from M Cash and their services are very good.

Sure Cash Mobile Banking Service


Sure Cash is a mobile banking service of Rupali Bank’s online services. Sure Cash offers various services to mobile operators, mobile network operators, various NGO payments, and merchant retailers. Sure Cash allows online mobile recharge and mobile top-ups, payments for various activities of the Employees Insurance Organization and Government Department through Sure Cash.

Upay Mobile banking Service


Recently, UCB Bank’s mobile banking company U Cash changed its name to UPay. UPay is a mobile banking company of United Commercial Bank Limited. Payments are made to Money Transfer, Cash In, Cash Out, Mobile Recharge, Government Department through UPay.

Best Mobile Banking App In Bangladesh

All mobile banking services have their own mobile app. This mobile app is to make mobile banking transactions easier. All services can be easily availed through the mobile app. Transactions and all other services are available through USSD. If you have a smartphone and that smartphone has an internet connection, you can easily use the apps of your mobile banking service by installing the mobile and logging in with your ID. At present every cash-out point has a QR code scanner and you can scan the QR code and get all the other cash-out services very easily. These benefits are not available in the USSD system. Mobile banking services also charge a bit less when cashing out or transacting through the app. That’s why if you have a smartphone and a network connection, you can use the apps. The Download Link of all apps is given below.

Bkash App [junkie-button url=”” style=”orange” size=”medium” type=”round” target=”_self”] Download APK [/junkie-button]
Rocket App [junkie-button url=”” style=”orange” size=”medium” type=”round” target=”_self”] Download APK [/junkie-button]
Nagad App [junkie-button url=”” style=”orange” size=”medium” type=”round” target=”_self”] Download APK [/junkie-button]
Mcash App [junkie-button url=”” style=”orange” size=”medium” type=”round” target=”_self”] Download APK [/junkie-button]
Sure Cash App  [junkie-button url=”” style=”orange” size=”medium” type=”round” target=”_self”] Download APK [/junkie-button]
Upay App [junkie-button url=”” style=”orange” size=”medium” type=”round” target=”_self”] Download APK [/junkie-button]

Best Mobile Financial Service in Bangladesh

After knowing all the advantages and disadvantages, you have to decide which one is best for you. However, we can give you some instructions. At present in the field of three mobile banking, Bkash, Nagad, Rocket are widely prevalent. You can take the service of Bikash Nagad Rocket anywhere in the Country. Since bKash started their journey a long time ago and they have a large number of customers, they have expanded their agents and their services to almost all parts of the country. That’s why if you travel to different places and villages, you must have a Bkash account. Rocket and Nagad have simultaneously recruited their agents almost everywhere in the country and are going through the service.

How To Open A Mobile Banking Account

You can open one mobile banking account with one National ID card. In that case, you must use your own number while opening the account. If there is a problem in any of the customer’s accounts, it is resolved by going to customer service. If this is still not the case then you can use the account of any other mobile banking service. You can have multiple mobile banking accounts on the same SIM. Having multiple mobile banking accounts in the same SIM is not a problem. However, there will not be two accounts of the same mobile banking in one SIM. It is not possible to open multiple IDs of the same mobile banking with one National ID card.

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