Class 6 1st week Bangla assignment solution 2022

Class 6 first week assignment solution 2022

The Ministry of Education of Bangladesh has distributed the first week assignment of Class 6 on 08 February. Students from all schools across Bangladesh collect this assignment and submit it in writing to the school within the stipulated time. The school authorities will evaluate it by submitting the assignment for the first week of class 6. And later it will be distributed among the students along with the number sheet.

Class 6 Bangla Assignment Solution First Week 2022

In the light of the above topics and sources, it is to be informed that assignments have been given to the Class 6 students by the National Curriculum and Textbook Board as per the instructions of the Ministry of Education due to covid-19 overcrowding. All schools will be distributed as per the assessment guidelines mentioned in the assignment. And after submitting the answer of the assignment, it will be evaluated.

First week Bangla assignment Solution Class 6 2022

The whole of Bangladesh is now in the grip of the Corona epidemic. Due to the Karna epidemic, the education system has almost collapsed at all levels across Bangladesh. Students are not able to go to school and take educational activities. As a result, they are failing to get education. The Ministry of Education has distributed the assignments of each school in all the boards so that the students can continue their education activities during this Karna epidemic. Assignments for the first week of class 6 have been published. Students will find the first week assignment solution class 6 2022 from us here as sample answer.

Class 6 First Week Assignment Answer 2022

Class 6 first week assignment answer 2022 has been published on our website. The answer is published here as a sample. All Class 6 will see this sample answer and answer in their own way with significance from here. The Ministry of Education has published the Bangla Assignment for the first week of Class 6 so that the students can continue their education activities at home.

Class 6 1st Week Bangla Assignment Question 2022


Title of class 6 Bangla Assignment 2022

We have to deal with people with special needs

Bangla Assignment first week of class 6 Learning Outcome of 

Be able to show love to people with special needs


  • The ‘Minu’ story and text introduction part should be read from the textbook
  • One has to read the chapter ‘Children’s Rights in Bangladesh’ of eighty pages of Bangladesh and World Identity book

Steps to work

  • The idea of ​​disability must be given
  • Make a list of what you can and cannot do
  • The difficulties of a child with special needs need to be identified
  • Mention what can be done for people with disabilities
  • class 6 first week assignment answer 2022

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