Class Xi College Migration 2022

The admission process for class XI has already started. All the students who have passed the SSC examination in 2021 are considered eligible for admission in class XI. Now is the time for college admission. For college admission students have to give online college choice and from there the student will be selected for admission in any one college. Since the whole process is online, many students do not have accurate knowledge about this process. However, if the college admission process is not well known, then a student can get good results. This is a huge obstacle for college admission. Many students cannot get admission in a good college as they do not have good knowledge about college admission. So if you want to get admission in a good college then you must read today’s post in full.

How To Do College Migration

Since the college admission process is completed in a few steps. The first of the few steps is college selection where you can choose from a minimum of five and a maximum of 10 colleges. A student will be able to make a choice online by making a list of colleges with a minimum of five and a maximum of 10. The first step is when a student is selected for a college. The next step is migration. Many students have very little knowledge about migration. Many again do not know what migration is. So today we will do a very important step in the admission of class XI with college migration.

What Is College Migration

Let’s find out at the beginning what is migration. The word migration means change. These changes can be of various types such as moving from one place to another or common for a better life at work. Moving to new areas. Migration is the participation of something from one part to another. That is, what is called movement or transfer is basically migration. So the question is what is the function of migration in case of college admission. Migration plays a major role in college admissions.

Class Xi College Migration Process 2022

Many of us do not have the correct knowledge about migration which is why we make college list in such a way. It turned out that in the first stage of college admission, you have been selected for admission in a college. But you have no desire to be admitted to that college. So what can be done now. This is basically the work of migration. If you have migration on then you can. Now how to migrate. You had a chance at the college number 5 where you made the list in ten colleges and it was running according to that list. But you are not willing to study there. If you migrate, then if there are vacancies in any one of the above four colleges, then through migration you will be selected for admission in any one of the above colleges from college number 5.

How many steps of college migration

After the college admission process starts, that is, in the first stage of college admission, if you are selected for a college or if you have a chance in any college, then you can migrate. However, under no circumstances can you migrate to any of the colleges below your list. Suppose you have a chance at college number seven. But you want to be admitted in college number 8 which is not possible in any way. So when making the college list, you must always put the colleges that you want to get more admission at the top.

How to stop college migration

Migration can be turned off. If you want to study in the college where you have a chance, then you must turn off the migration option. If the migration is on but if the seat of any of the above colleges is vacant then he may also get a chance in the college. So decide with a very cold head and keep an eye on whether the migration is off or on.


How College Admission Migration is Introduced

When the results of the first step are published immediately after the start of the admission process for class XI, then you are given the opportunity for migration. When you get a chance in a college in the first step, you can turn the migration on or off. If the college that has a chance is your favorite college, then you must turn off the migration. If you wish to get admission in any of the above colleges then keep the migration on. It is good to know that there is no extra fee for migration. You will read that the migration option will be activated after paying the money for admission in the college where you got the chance. If you have migrated, that is, if there is a college transfer, then your payment will be automatically transferred to that college. Eleventh grade migration occurs twice, no migration occurs in the first and second and third stages.

Class XI Admission Migration Results 2022

The results of the migration of students of class XI admission 2022 academic year will be published in two steps.

Date of publication of the results of the first phase of migration: 10 February 2022

Date of publication of results of second phase migration: 15th February 2022

Answers to some common questions related to class XI migration

Q: Can migration be turned off?

A: G migration can be turned off. You can turn the migration option on or off if you wish with the admission fee in the college where you got the chance.

Q: What is the cost of migration?

A: No, there is no separate fee for migration. The migration process is started with the money paid by the students at the time of confirmation of admission.

Q: How many times is migration?

Answer: Migration admission process can be done in the first two steps. There is no migration.

Q: Where can the results of migration be found?

A: Migration results can be found on the website

Q: Is it possible to migrate to any of the colleges on the list?

A: By no means.

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