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GP 1 GB 9 Tk Offer Code

জিপি ১ জিবি ৯ টাকা অফার

GP 1 GB 9 Tk offer is for eligible customers only. GP Offer 1 GB 9 Tk Off This is a very good offer. You will get the previous 1GB 9 Tk and the validity will be 7 days. The GP 1 GB 9 Tk offer does not apply to everyone. The total cost to take this offer including VAT and SD is 9 Tk. 1024 MB internet will be available for only 9 taka. This offer is available twice a month. GP Huffer 1 GB 9 Tk only gives GP to special customers.


If you are eligible for the GP 1 GB 9 Tk offer, you will be given a message from GP and dial code in that message. If you are not eligible for this offer, it will not be possible to get GP 1 GB for Taka


GP 1 GB 9 Tk code * 121 * 5020 # or * 121 * 5075 #

GP 1 GB 9 Tk Duration: 7 days

GP Internet Balance Check Code: * 121 * 1 * 4 #

VAT.SD Included

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