How to Start Live Streaming-Best Live Streaming Platform

Best 5 Platform For Live Streaming

How to Start Live Streaming

We often see live streaming of many people installing Facebook or YouTube. There are many gamers who do live streaming regularly. Live streaming increases a person’s popularity and he can earn income. In the case of live streaming, the income is twofold. You will find all the information about live streaming in today’s post. If you are interested in live streaming and want to know how to start live streaming then you have come to the right place. You can make a good quality income by live streaming. But there are a few things to keep in mind before starting live streaming. How to start live streaming, what is needed to do live streaming, how much money can be earned by live streaming, whether live streaming can be done through mobile. You can find out the answers to all these questions through today’s discussion. Thanks for visiting our website.

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Top 5 Platform For Live Streaming

You can start live streaming for free on five platforms. The most popular of the five platforms are Facebook Live Streaming and YouTube Live. You can stream live on any topic you choose.

Five Free Live Streaming Places

  • Facebook Live
  • YouTube Live Streaming
  • You know
  • Instagram Live
  • Periscope

You can start live streaming using any of these five mediums. In each of these, you can start live streaming for free and if you can make 100 later, you can earn your live streaming online from there.


 How to Start Live Streaming On Facebook

Facebook Live is a very familiar name. Facebook is currently the most popular social media. Now a new feature of Facebook has come which is called Facebook Live. If you wish, you can share your experience with your friends or other public people about a topic. It is very easy to go to Facebook Live. You can start Facebook Live by opening the Facebook application and pressing the Live button. Facebook Live can be a specific topic, but it can also be a different topic, such as you suddenly find interesting news that you can share with other friends on Facebook Live. If you want to earn income from Facebook professionally, you must create a monetization of all Facebook pages. After monetizing the Facebook page, you can earn income from there. Live gaming streaming is a way to share your gaming experience with others by sharing the screen of your computer or mobile if you wish. However, if you want the monetization of pages on gaming streaming channels, you must use your voice. Facebook is currently on strike and its rules state that if you do not use your own creativity or voice, it will not give you monetization.


 How to Start Live Streaming On YouTube

Most of the videos we watch on YouTube are created by content cricketers and uploaded, but if we watch a live channel, that is, a TV channel live, it is uploaded directly to YouTube and you can watch it live from there or when we watch the game live on YouTube. The game is then also managed by live streaming. After entering YouTube, there is a separate button. There is Live Sun. By clicking on the sewing option, you can enter YouTube Life. You can earn income from YouTube Live If your YouTube channel is monetized by Adsense, you can earn income from that YouTube channel. Also, YouTube live streaming makes you an identity and makes you popular. If your content is interesting then other people will be interested in seeing your content once they see it and then increase the number of your subscribers and followers.


 How to Start Live Streaming On You Now

We often see you conferencing or discussing live with each other or you can use You Now if you are interested in coming live with multiple friends at the same time. U Now is slowly gaining recognition all over the world and it is slowly becoming very popular as a field of live streaming. By entering the name U, you will get various events. If you spell content or live streaming about those events, then your popularity will increase from there. If it increases your popularity then you can start earning from there through monetization. To log in with the name U you need a Facebook, Twitter, Google Instagram account through which you can log in.

 How to Start Live Streaming On Periscope

Periscope Live is another popular live streaming application in the world of live streaming that allows the user to come live and from there you can get different events or different news. If you wish, you can go live from Facebook by creating a periscope event account or business account and publishing or publishing regular content from there.


 How to Start Live Streaming On Instagram

Instagram is currently used by almost everyone. You can come live from Instagram. There is a separate live option on Instagram. By clicking on that option you can go live from Instagram and share your experience with friends or with the whole world. If you have a smartphone or a computer desktop with a webcam, you can definitely go live on Instagram. Instagram Live gives you a real-time experience through which you can share your real-time expression with friends. You can also earn online income from Instagram Live once your channel is known and if you increase the number of followers, you can start earning income online with your monetization.

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