HSC 2022 11th Week ICT 1st Paper Assignment Solution

HSC 2022 11th Week ICT Assignment Questions have been published for 2022 HSC Examiners. HSC candidates of 2022 will be able to continue their educational activities by solving the 11th week ICT  assignment. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic, the 11th week of ICT Assignment has been published to bring students fully involved in the learning process and under continuous assessment based on the restructured curriculum as directed by the Ministry of Education. The 11th week of assignment activities will start from 26th January 2022. The 11th week assignment has been published for the HSC candidates of 2022 and the students will also hand over the answers to the teacher as soon as possible at their own risk.

HSC 2022 11th Week ICT Assignment Answer

In various notifications published by the Ministry of Education, all the education systems of the country are being conducted in different ways. Following different processes at different times, the Ministry of Education has continued all educational activities across the country. Following this, HSC 2022 11th Week ICT  Assignment has been published on 31st January, 2022. We have published the instructions regarding HSC 2022 11th Week ICT Assignment Answer on our website. The Ministry of Education has arranged assignments during this epidemic for the students to become proficient in ICT . Sample answers to the assignment are published on our website. By looking at this answer students will get ideas on how to solve the assignment. You can download HSC 2022 11th Week ICT Assignment Answer from our website as a sample.

HSC ICT 11th Week Assignment Solution 2022

ICT has been published for the students participating in HSC Examination 2022. 11th Week ICT  Assignment This time about the 1st chapter of ICT  book has been published. HSC 2022 ICT is mainly for all the candidates who have studied Science in the college. An important aspect of the Science department is agricultural education. This time the assignment on Chapter 2: Communication Systems and Networking has been published in the 6th chapter of the ICT . HSC 2022 ICT 11th Week Assignment Solution is available as sample answer on our website.

ICT 11th Week Assignment Work

All computer transmissions in a computer lab are connected to a central computer via twisted pair cables, resulting in lower data transfer speeds. It analyzes the type, medium and topology of the network used

11th Week HSC 2022 ICT Assignment Learning Outcome

  • Be able to explain the concept of network
  • Be able to compare between data communication mediums
  • Explain network topology

HSC 2022 ICT 11th Week Assignment Question


HSC 2022 ICT 11th Week Assignment Solution Instruction

  • Explain the concepts and types of computer networks
  • Explain the concept of media in data communication systems
  • Explain computer network topology and types
  • Advantages and disadvantages of media as a reason for slowing down data transfer

Students will solve HSC 2022 ICT  Assignment by following their own instructions. 11th Week HSC 2022 ICT Assignment Solution Sample has been published on our website. If you understand the solution of this assignment well, you will be able to answer the assignment accordingly.

HSC 2022 ICT  11th Week Assignment Answer







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