[Here] HSC Board Challenge Process 2022 You Should Know

HSC Board Challenge Process 2022

The application for HSC Board Challenge started after the publication of HSC results. How you will challenge the board of HSC exam 2022 will be discussed in today’s post. Through this post we will discuss in detail how to do HSC Board Challenge or Result Revision Method 2022. You can also visit our website to know the results of HSC Board Examination 2021 or to know about any admission test or government private job application. So let’s not know how to review the results of HSC exam 2021.

HSC 2021 Board Challenge/ Recheck Result

PSC, JSC, and SSC and HSC exam results did not do well. That is to say, despite giving good test, their result is bad. This process is done by checking whether all the answer numbers in the candidate’s account have been given correctly and whether the ball is correct. One thing that is mentioned here is that if someone’s number increases in monitoring the results, it is increased but the number obtained is never reduced.

 HSC Rescrutiny And Board Challange 2021

HSC Exam 2021 was held on 2nd December 2021 and ended on 30th December 2021. The results of HSC Exam 2021 were published on 13th February 2022. From then on, after the publication of the results of HSC examination 2021, the date of re-examination started and that is 14th February 2022. And the last date for re-examination of HSC Exam 2021 results is 20th February 2022. 150 rupees is required to apply for re-examination of results. This was discussed in detail.

How to do HSC 2021 board challenge?

HSC Result Revision Rules 2022 Once the results of HSC examination are published, you can revise HSC Result 2022 or challenge the board. Usually the notice of board challenge is published within 4-5 days of the publication of the test result. You must apply within the date given in the notification. You can challenge the HSC exam board through any SIM. However, the prescribed fee has to be paid for re-examination of SSC results. Therefore, the SIM from which you send the message must have a sufficient amount of balance.

How to apply HSC Board Challenge

  • First you go to the message option of your phone and type HSC
  • Then write the first three letters of the board name with <space>
  • Then write your HSC Roll number with space
  • Then enter the subject code with <space>
  • Now send to 16222

Example: If you are a Dhaka Board examinee and if your roll is 12345690 and if you want to apply in Physics First Paper Subject Code 174. But the way you apply

HSC <Space> DHA <Space> 1234567890 <space> 174

Send to 16222

If the SMS is successfully passed, a PIN number will be provided in the return SMS. Then you have to go to the message option again and write

HSC <space> Yes <space> PIN Number <space> Contact Number

Send to 16222

If a candidate wants to apply for revision of multiple subjects simultaneously through the same SMS, then you have to write the subject codes separately with commas. For example, if you want to apply for two subjects like chemistry, you have to go to message option and type.

HSC <Space> DHA <Space> 1234567890 <space> 174,176

And send to 16222

An application fee of Tk. 150 / – will be deducted for each letter.

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