HSC Result 2021 Check With Mobile [মোবাইল দিয়ে ফলাফল দেখুন]

It is very easy to check HSC results 2021 on mobile. For those who do not know how to check HSC results 2021 on mobile, below we have told you how to check HSC results 2021 on mobile.

Mobile SMS is a modern system to check HSC Result 2021. In previous years, HSC results had to be checked at the center or at the designated institution. But it is very time-consuming to go to the organization and check the results. SMS is the fastest way to get results. You can receive the results via SMS as soon as the results are published. Teletalk Bangladesh Limited has full control over the SMS system. Below is a discussion on how to check HSC results 2021 via the SMS method. Read the full article below to view SSC Result 2021 by SMS method.

HSC Result SMS System 2021

Examiners are very keen to know about the SMS system as it is the fastest way to get results. All students need to know the SMS method because if the website is down or the results are not checked through the Happy website then the SMS method is the only way to check the results quickly. There are a number of rules for sending SMS to any number and how. The rules are discussed in detail below.

How To Check HSC Results 2021 On mobile

It is very easy to check HSC results 2021 on mobile. For those who do not know how to check HSC results 2021 on mobile, below we have told you how to check HSC results 2021 on mobile. See the section below to get HSC results 2021 through mobile. You can get your results quickly by checking HSC results 2021 through SMS system on mobile. HSC results 2021 are very easy to get by following the simple steps below.

HSC Result 2021 By Mobile

If you want to see HSC results 2021 using mobile, you need to have enough money. You need to type an SMS and send it to 16222. 16222 is the emergency contact number of Teletalk Bangladesh Limited. To get the results of all the board exams in Bangladesh, it is possible to know by sending an SMS to 16222. Below are some more ways from where you can check your HSC results 2021 using mobile. The entire process is managed and controlled by Teletalk Bangladesh Limited.

How To Check HSC Result 2021 With Mobile

  • To see the result, first go to the message option of the mobile and write HSC.
  • Then enter the first 3-digit name of your board with a space. For example: if your board is Dhaka then you have to write DHA.
  • Then you have to write your roll number with a space.
  • Then you have to write the year next to your exam with a space.
  • Finally send to 16222. Example: HSC <Space> DHA <Space> Roll Number <Space> Exam Year
  • If all the information is given correctly, you will be informed about your desired result through return SMS.

Type the above message and send it to 16222



Before checking HSC Result 2021 SMS method, you have to fulfill some conditions. To view HSC results 2021, you need to have enough money in the SIM you are using on your phone. You need at least 2 Taka 44 paisa in your SIM to send an SMS. If you do not see the result after sending the first SMS or do not receive a reply message, then you can definitely send another message, but wait a while.

HSC Result 2021 can be seen online through mobile. However, to see the results on the mobile through online, the mobile must be a smartphone. You can easily view HSC results online on your mobile phone by following the steps given below by entering the web browser of your smartphone.

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