HSC Result 2022 Passing Rate

Assalamu Alaikum. You must be looking for HSC Exam Result 2022 pass rate. Today we will discuss HSC Result 2022 pass rate. So let's start a detailed discussion.

HSC Result 2022 Pass Rate

Assalamu Alaikum. You must be looking for HSC Exam Result 2022 pass rate. Today we will discuss HSC Result 2022 pass rate. So let’s start a detailed discussion. This year SSC exam started on Thursday 02nd December 2022 and HSC exam ended on 30th December 2022 Thursday, HSC exam was completed in total 28 days. Auto pass of HSC exam was given last year due to Corona situation. But this year, as the situation in Corona became normal, Education Minister Dr Dipu Moni decided to take the test. And according to their decision the test was held on time. This time it is the turn of publishing the results of HSC examination. The pass rate of different boards in this year’s HSC examination is different. Through this post, we will show you the passing rate of all the boards. This year there were more than 16 lakh HSC candidates. The average pass rate in HSC exams is 72.90 percent and the maximum GPA of 5 is 50 thousand which is 4.5 percent of the total candidates. From this morning, HSC candidates are eagerly waiting to know the results of the examination. The HSC exam results have been published today 10th February 2020, ending the waiting period. Students will be able to participate in the next step based on the results of the published. Students can check their results through these two websites www.educationboardresults.gov.bd and www.eboardresults.com/app/stud/. HSC Result 2022 Passing Rate

HSC Exam 2022 Pass Rate – 70.30%

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HSC Exam 2022 Pass Rate

HSC Result 2022 have been published today. HSC students were eagerly waiting for this result. The results of HSC examination have been published today. We will discuss here about the pass rate of 2022 in this year’s HSC exam. You may have come to know the pass rate of HSC exam, so let’s find out the pass rate of HSC exam without delay. Due to the do-it-yourself situation, this year’s HSC exam was held on 2nd February 2022 and it was running till 30th February 2022. The examinees participated in the HSC examination in compliance with the hygiene rules. Today 10th February 2022 is the day to publish the results of HSC candidates. The results of HSC candidates have been published today. According to the results, the pass rate of HSC candidates is 80.30 percent. This time more than 14 lakh students participated in the HSC examination. HSC Result 2022 Passing Rate Compared to last year, the number of candidates in HSC examination is 33,900 more. Due to the Corona situation this year, the HSC exams were taken on three subjects and the time was fixed at three hours instead of one and a half hour full standard was fixed at 50 instead of 100. Since the test has been taken on any subject so very quickly the test results are published. I will highlight the pass rate in nine education boards here. Let’s find out about the pass rate of nine education boards

Dhaka board pass rate 7.34 percent

Rajshahi board Pass rate

Jessore board Pass rate

Comilla board Pass rate

Chittagong board Pass rate

Barisal board pass rate is 55.12 percent

Sylhet board Pass rate

Dinajpur board pass rate 8.30 percent

Mymensingh board Pass rate

If the pass rate is calculated comparatively, it is seen that the pass rate is lowest in Barisal division and the highest pass rate is for the candidates of Dhaka Board. Many students are not able to prepare for the admission test because of the test results. Now is the time for all the students to prepare for the admission test. And without delay, they can start preparing for the admission test from today.

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