Instructions for SSC and Equivalent Candidates

Education Board has published some instruction for SSC, Dakhil, SSC Vocational and Dakhil Vocational Student...

Instructions for SSC and Equivalent Candidates

The 2023 Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Dakhil, SSC (Vocational) and Dakhil (Vocational) examinations are starting next Sunday (November 14). The Ministry of Education has issued a circular instructing all concerned including the examinees to conduct this examination in a fair, beautiful and copy-free environment. This information was given by the Ministry of Education on Friday (November 12). Instructions for SSC and Equivalent Candidates

The circular signed by the Ministry of Education on November 2 was published on the website on Friday. It said that at least 30 minutes before the start of the test, all candidates must enter the test center and take a seat.

Due to unavoidable reasons, a candidate has to mention his name, roll number, time of admission and reasons for delay in the examination center after the stipulated time. The list of late candidates will be informed by the Central Secretary to the concerned board every day.

No one other than the Center Secretary may use a watch, pen or unauthorized electronic device with the facility of mobile phone or mobile phone in the examination center. The Center Secretary will be able to use a simple (feature) phone without the hassle of taking pictures and using the Internet. Unauthorized phone, electronic device users should be prosecuted according to the rules.

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One Executive Magistrate / Officer (Tag Officer) should be appointed for each center. The officer-in-charge of the center or his nominated appropriate representative from the treasury / police station / security custody will take the question paper along with the tag officer and take it to the center under police guard.Questions cannot be taken out, or carried without the presence of the Executive Magistrate / Officer (Tag Officer).

From Treasury / Police Station / Security Custody, all essay / creative question sets including multiple choice questions should be taken at the examination center. Set code will be notified 25 minutes before the start of the test. He has to take the test in the set code prescribed accordingly. In the presence and signature of the officer in charge of the center (tag officer), center secretary and police officer, the question paper packet has to be opened as per the rules.

No one other than the examinees and persons engaged in examination related activities will be completely barred from entering the examination center during and after the examination. At this time, legal action has to be taken against the unauthorized persons entering the examination center.In order to start a test late due to unavoidable reasons, the examinees have to give the prescribed time as mentioned in the question paper from the time after which the test will start.

The law enforcement agencies in charge of the examination center and the transport of questions will perform their duties with caution. Law enforcement and district administration will take strict legal action against those involved in leaking question papers or providing answers to the examinees. Law enforcement and the concerned departments of the government will intensify surveillance on the rumors of leaking of question papers through social media or the activities of these groups.

Due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, students, parents and all those involved in the examination should ensure proper examination by following the hygiene rules. Therefore, more than one guardian cannot come with the examinee. Moreover, the educational institutions have to abide by the guidelines issued by the Department of Secondary and Higher Education on September 5.

All the divisional commissioners, deputy commissioners, deputy commissioners and district magistrates, and chairmen of all education boards have been instructed to implement the circular.

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