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How To Use Nagad App

Nagad apps will be brought to the interface after installing and then logging in with OTP for the first time. There Home Transaction Contacts   There will be four options

How To Use Nagad App

Nagad apps will be brought to the interface after installing and then logging in with OTP for the first time. There Home Transaction Contacts How To Use Nagad App There will be four options. বাংলায় দেখুন

How To Use Nagad App

Nagad Apps All Services

Send Money Cash Out Mobile Recharge etc. You have to stay on the home page to get the service.

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Nagad Apps Balance Check System


Balance Check: It is very easy to check the balance using Nagad apps. Click on the “Tap to know balance” section at the top of the home page and the balance will appear immediately.

Nagad Account Pin Code Recover

নগদ একাউন্টের ভুলে যাওয়া পিন পুনরুদ্ধার

Nagad Apps Send Money System



Send Money: You can send money to the recipient’s number by selecting Send money option. If the name of the recipient is saved in the contract of the customer, then even if the name of the recipient is written, the number of the recipient will be seen there and money can be sent to that number. Send money charge free for Nagad apps.

Nagad Apps Cash Out System


Cash out: To cash out, you have to go to the cash out point or the entrepreneur’s shop and get the correct entrepreneur number from the entrepreneur. QR codes can be found in entrepreneur stores. If the customer wants, he can take the entrepreneur number by scanning the QR code. Click on the “Type to scan QR code” section to scan the barcode. From there the camera will take you to the option and the entrepreneur will have to scan the QR code. Once scanned, the entrepreneur will show the number. The entrepreneur has to give the account number carefully.

Nagad Apps Mobile Recharge System

Mobile Recharge: Mobile recharge can be done on your own number and any number. In that case you have to give the mobile number of the recipient. Then you have to select the mobile operator, that is, you have to select the recipient’s mobile operator.


Determine the amount of money and click on Next. If the customer wants to take the Voice Internet Bundle Pack, he can choose the quantity he wants by clicking on Voice Internet Bundle etc.




After determining the amount, if you send the PIN number to the cash account, the mobile recharge will go to that number.

Nagad Apps Add Money System

Add Money: Selecting the Ad Money option will give you two options, Bank to Cash and Card to Cash.




Bank to Cash: By selecting the Bank to Cash option, the bank that has your account can transfer money from the bank to your cash account. You have to write the name of the bank to select the bank. Once you go to the Bank to Cash option, there will be suggestions at the bottom with the names of some of the common banks. You can select your bank from the list of banks and transfer the balance from that bank account to the cash account.

Card to Cash: After selecting the card to cash option, to select the source, you have to select one of the two options, MasterCard or Visa. If you select Master Card or Visa Card, the balance will be transferred if you enter the PIN number next to the recipient’s number.

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