Nagad Islamic Account and Nagad Islamic App [New Mobile Banking Service]

Nagad brings us a new Mobile Banking service,Nagad Islamic account. And Nagad Islamic App. Most of the people in our country are Muslims. And in the Muslim religion, usury is said to be absolutely forbidden. With this in mind, Nagad Islam has brought Nagad Islamic account for Muslim brothers as well as Nagad Islamic app for users of Nagad Islamic accounts.

Nagad Islamic Account and Nagad Islamic App

The main religion of Bangladesh is Muslim. Most Muslims live in this country. Interest is completely forbidden in Islam. So all those who are Muslims want to do banking transactions without interest or without profit. There are many banks in Bangladesh that transact money without interest from an Islamic point of view.

Those who are religious or do not want to take revenge all want to transact money from an Islamic perspective and they rush to Islamic banks. From that thought came Nagad Islamic Account and Nagad Islamic App. So in today’s article, we have the first Islamic mobile banking service for Muslim Brothers from Cash Authority Nagad Islamic Account and with it Nagad Islamic App.

What is Nagad Islamic Account? What is Nagad Islamic App?

In this article, we bring you detailed information about Nagad Islamic Account and Nagad Islamic App. Bangladesh is a Muslim-majority country. And most of the Muslim brothers and sisters in this country try to follow all the rules and regulations of Islam in their life. With all those Muslim brothers and sisters in mind, showing respect for their beliefs, the new mobile banking transaction Nagad has come up with the Islamic app, Islamic Account.

Nagad Islamic Account and App

Interest is forbidden from the Islamic point of view. So for the purpose of making interest-free mobile banking transactions, Nagad has come up with the first Nagad Islamic account and Nagad Islamic app in Bangladesh. Considering the Islamic perspective and belief, the postal department has come up with mobile-based financial transactions and services for the purpose of interest-free transactions. The Nagad Islamic app will make it easier to use this Nagad Islamic account. This means that Muslim brothers can easily transact money using Nagad Islamic account and Nagad Islamic app.

How to open a Nagad Islamic Account

Muslim brothers and sisters will be able to open a Nagad account in a separate category of Nagad , Islamic category when opening a Nagad account. You can also easily transfer cash from your normal account to your Islamic account through the Nagad Islamic app. Nagad mobile banking is the only mobile banking service that Bangladesh is currently offering. Islamic thinkers are very satisfied with this system and among them, Nagad is the only Islamic approach to launch mobile banking services.

Advantages and disadvantages of Nagad Islamic account

  • There is no interest in saving money from a Nagad Islamic account like a normal banking account. Besides, all other facilities and rules are the same as other accounts.
  • Not an Islamic account for those who want to make a profit. Only Nagad accounts will be used by those who do not want any interest or profit on their connected money.
  • The Nagad Islamic account fully adheres to an Islamic version or Islamic perspective.
  • If you want to change your current Nagad account to a Nagad Islamic account, you need to use a Nagad app to convert a Nagad account to a Nagad Islamic account. And after switching to Islamic account, no more profit will be added to the money in your account.
  • The Islamic option of the Nagad app can be activated and turned off 05 times in 06 months.
  • You must have an Islamic account to enjoy all the benefits of Nagad Islamic App.
  • You can use Nagad Islamic Account and Nagad Islamic App in both English and Bengali.
  • Cash users will have the same facilities and rules as the current account, such as the status of the account, the duration of the transaction, the applicable fees, etc. will be the same as the general account of Nagad .

Change Nagad account to Nagad Islamic account Process

  • If you want to convert your Nagad account into a Nagad Islamic account, first you need to download the Nagad app on your smartphone and login.


  • If you do not have Nagad app installed on your mobile then you can go to Google play store and get this app.


  • After logging in to the Nagad app you will find an option called “My Nagad ” at the bottom of the homepage when you log in to the Nagad app. Click on that option.


  • After clicking on the interface that will appear in front of you, “Account type” “General” will be selected. Which applies to the general account of cash.
  • From this simple account you need to switch to Islamic account. So now click on the “Account Type” option to change this normal account to Islamic account.


  • You will then be presented with a command that says “Do you want to change your Islamic account?” Below the comment will be given 2 options. Option 2 is “Yes” or “No“. If you want to change the normal account to Islamic account, you must select “Yes“.


  • Now you will see that your normal cash account has changed to Islamic Nagad account. And the whole theme has changed from Nagad app to Nagad Islamic app.


  • Just click on the “My Nagad “ option below and you will see that your “Account Type” has become “Islamic“.
  • If you later want to convert your Nagad Islamic account to a normal account then you can do the same in the same process.

Nagad Hotline Number

Nagad users will be contacted by the Nagad authority only from two numbers. Apart from these two numbers, they will not contact you from any other number. So if someone is texting or calling from another number saying that they are contacting you on behalf of cash then don’t believe it in any way. And if you face any kind of problem or have any confusion or dilemma regarding this cash mobile banking then you can also contact the Nagad authority through these two numbers only.

Nagad Hotline Number

16167 And 096-096-16167

[junkie-hightlights color=”blue”]Nagad Hotline Number 16167 And 096-096-16167[/junkie-hightlights]

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