NID Card correction online – How to correct National Identity Card in Online -জাতীয় পরিচয়পত্র ভুল সংশোধন

NID correction online : Many times people giving wrong information or make any other mistakes on the NID card and gets wrong information which needs

NID Card correction online

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How to correct NID/National Identity Card in Online

 Many times people giving wrong information or make any other mistakes on the NID card and gets wrong information which needs to be corrected later.  Now NID Card or National Identity Card can be amended online.  Apart from this, mistakes in NID card or national identity card are being rectified even by going to the UNO Parishad.

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 How you can correct NID Card or National Identity Card online is discussed here in details.  The Election Commission can change its rules at any time, so you can call the Election Commission’s helpline 105 for detailed information.

How to correct National Identity Card or NID card in online

 Amendment of National Identity Card ID Card is currently being done online.  If there is any kind of wrong information in someone’s identity card or NID card then all those information can be changed or corrected through online.

জাতীয় পরিচয়পত্র ভুল সংশোধন

 Read this post carefully if you want to correct NID Card or National Identity Card mistakes.

The Election Commission has simplified the NID correction process by introducing the online process for National Identity Card or NID card correction. You can change all the details of NID Card or National Identity Card:

নতুন এনআইডি কার্ডের আবেদন পদ্ধতি।

  1. Change of personal information
  2. Image modification
  3. Change of present address
  4. Change of hand print or fingerprint
  5. Change of address
  6. Taking out print copy of NID card.

How to Change or Correct NID Card Information

 How to change or modify National Identity Card or NID card information is discussed step by step:

  1. To change the information of National Identity Card or NID Card online, first of all you need to register on Bangladesh NID Portal website.
  2. After completing the registration, you have to enter this website
  3. After entering the web site you have to provide the required information.
  4. An account must be created with the required information.
  5. Once the account is created, you must need to login.
  6. After login, a web page will appear.
  7. If you see the web page;jsessionid=XeibGgRoWjmvtwk6pZAt5LERm_SjcZDXUIt2O8LvH.master:PUB_MSRV011 click on this link or click on the profile tab on the top left side.
  8. After coming to the profile tab, you can see all your personal information such as your Name, date of birth, place of birth, parents’ names.
  9. Then click on the edit option on the right side of the top corner of the screen.
  10. If you click on the edit option, you can see the option of NID card or national identity card charges.
  11. Then click on the Continue button.
  12. After that you can access the profile page.
  13. Now you can see and change all your information.
  14. Click and mark the options that you want to change.
  15. Click on Next button on the upper right side when the information change is complete.
  16. You can then view previous and current changes side by side.
  17. Then click on the Next button again.
  18. Now you will enter the transaction tab.
  19. Then you can see the displayed fee which can be paid through any of Bikash, Rocket, Dutch Bangla, T cash, OK wallet, Bangladesh Commerce Bank, Mutual Bank.

NID Card correction online

Pay the NID correction fee through Rocket or Dutch Bangla Mobile Bank

  • To pay the fee, enter the Rocket app through mobile and click on Pay Bil option. After clicking on Pay Bill, search by typing 1000 and you will get option which is called EC Bangladesh. Click on the option.
  • Then enter the NID Card number correctly. Deposit the money sent to your given NID card number.  Then click on the Application Type option.  Which number to enter for any type of change will be displayed in front of you.  You need to type the number as per your requirement.
  • Then you can see an option called Pay For when you come down.  After that, if you pay the fee for yourself, click on Self option. Click on Other option if paying fee for other. Once all the information is filled correctly click on the Validate option.
  • Then click on OK option.  When a box called Biller Short Name appears, write the short form of your name there. You will then be shown information about how much money will be sent.
  • Then complete the process with correct PIN number of your mobile banking account. You will receive a receipt of your bill once the process is done correctly.
  • Then again enter the process of changing National Identity Card details. Reload the Transection page. Once the reload is complete you will see if your paid amount is showing here. After clicking on the Next button, you can enter the Documents tab. There you will add the scanned document of SSC exam certificate or Birth certificate as validation of your information.
  • Then click on the Next button again. Now you will be asked to confirm the process of changing all the details of the applied NID Card. Make sure that all the information you provide is correct.

If all information is correct then click on submit option.

বিশ্বকবি রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুরের বিখ্যাত উক্তি সমূহ ,বাণী সমূহ

How to pay NID card correction fee through Bkash

 Click on Pay bil option of Bkash app. Then select the NID Service option from the Government fee option. Select the service you have applied for. Then make the payment.  Then fill all the information correctly step by step and pay the fee and follow the next steps.

Special precautions for NID correction online

You cannot correct any mistake in your NID card or National Identity Card on any other website except this website

We hope you can fix your any kind of NID card error very easily now.

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