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Rajshahi University A Unit Result 2020-2021 । RU A Unit Result 2021

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The results of A unit of Rajshahi University have been published. The A unit examination was held at Rajshahi University on Monday, October 5, 2021. This time Rajshahi University A unit had a total of 25271 candidates. A total of 34 people will compete against each other for a seat. The PDF list of the students who have qualified for admission to Rajshahi University through the examination will be published very soon. You can check the result using your roll number from the part below. If there is any difficulty in the result check, you can contact us. Many students are eagerly waiting for the admission result of Rajshahi University. Many times the server does not show the result due to a jam. You can quickly check your result with the following links.

Rajshahi University Admission Result 2020-2021 A Unit

The results of Rajshahi University C Unit are published within 4 days after the end of the examination. Published on Rajshahi University website and our website. Read our entire post to know the results very quickly. Rajshahi University C-unit is only for students of the Science Department. Only those candidates who had background science can apply for the test in this unit.

Rajshahi University A Unit Admission Result

To take the exam in Rajshahi Varsity A Unit, the student must get GPA 3.50 (with 4th subject) in SSC. To apply for Rajshahi University A Unit, the candidate must get GPA 3.50 including the fourth subject in HSC examination.Both SSC and HSC must get a total GPA of 8.00. Students will not be able to take or apply for Rajshahi University C Unit examination unless they get a total GPA of 8.00 in secondary and higher secondary examinations.

RU 2020-2021 Admission Details

C unit total Candidate:44,194

A unit total Candidate:43,558

B Unit Total Candidate: 39,895

RU 2020-2021 Total Candidate: 1,27,647

RU 2020-2021 Total Seat: 4,173

Competition For One Seat: 31

Exam Date:4-6 October

Ru Admission Merit List and Waiting List 2020-2021

A Unit B Unit C Unit
A Unit Merit List B unit Merit List C Unit Merit List
A Unit Waiting List B Unit Waiting List C Unit Waiting List

RU A Unit Result 2020-2021

Rajshahi University admission 2021 dates are rescheduled. Admission will be held from 4 to 6 October.

Group 1

Date From 9.30 am
4 October 2021 Monday Group 1 (Unit-c)
05 October 2021 Tuesday Group 1 (Unit-A)
06 October 2021 Wednesday Group 1 (Unit-B)

Group 2

Date From 12.00 am
4 October 2021 Monday Group 2(Unit-c)
05 October 2021 Tuesday Group 2(Unit-A)
06 October 2021 Wednesday Group 2 (Unit-B)

Group 3

Date From 3.00pm
4 October 2021 Monday Group 3(Unit-c)
05 October 2021 Tuesday Group 3(Unit-A)
06 October 2021 Wednesday Group 3 (Unit-B)

RU A Unit Admit Card Instructions

  • Applicants have to print the admission card on A4 size paper. You must print 2 copies of it. 1 copy for yourself and another copy for the university.
  • Admission tickets, color pictures of candidates must,
    Candidates must be present at the examination hall 20 minutes before the start of the admission test. If they are not present at the right time, they will not be able to enter the examination hall.
  • Candidates must use a ballpoint pen in the test,
  • Candidates should bring the original registration card of HSC examination and 2 copies of the admission card with them in case of examination,
  • During the test, no calculator, mobile phone, blue tooth, watch, headphone, card reader, memory card, or any kind of electronic device can be used.

RU Admission A Unit Result 2021 PDF Download

A Unit Result

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RU Admission A Unit Result 2021

RU admission 2021 results can be found here. Results will be released 4 days after the test date. Final selected candidates for admission. Download Rajshahi University Admission Results. Rajshahi University Honors Admission Results Online. Admission results of all units of Rajshahi University 2020-21 RU admission results will be published on the website If you are selected for admission to Rajshahi University you can check your results here online and get after that instruction. In this content, you will be able to know about the different conditions of admission in each department of Rajshahi University as well as the number of seats available for admission. Let’s check your results

If you want to get results quickly or if there is any difficulty while checking the results, You can join our Facebook Group and check the result quickly.

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