Ramadan Calendar 2022

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You may know that the month of Ramadan is ahead. This is the month of worship for Muslims. Today’s article is about the daily sehri and iftar time of Ramadan, all the necessary acts and prayers. This is the information you need as a Muslim. Read the full article to know. I hope you stay with Ibadat for the whole month of Ramadan and spend the whole time with your family in a good way.

What is the date of Ramadan 2022?

The month of Ramadan 2022 will start from 03 April, Sunday, 2022. This is the holy month of Ramadan 1443 AH. And 1426/1429 Bs. 1443 AH will be on the 1st day of the month of Ramadan from the 03rd day of April 2022 AD. From Sunday 03rd April, the month of Ibadat Bandegi will start for those of us who are Muslims. The start date of Ramadan 2022 is 03 April, Sunday, 2022.

Ramadan schedule 2022

You must have come here looking for Sehri and Iftar’s schedule for 2022 of the month of Ramadan. We have this article with the information you need. Read the full article to get the information you need. Did you know that starting from 03rd April, Sunday, 2022 is the month of waiting for us all year round, the month of waiting, the month of worship, the month of Ramadan 2022?

Ramadan Month 2022

If you know this, you will also know that it is very important to know the exact time limit or schedule of Seheri and Iftar. Otherwise, the time of Ramadan Sehri and Iftar may go wrong during the month of Ramadan. So in our article for you, we have brought the schedule of Ramadan 2022. Let’s not know the details of the information of the month of Ramadan 2022.

Ramadan 2022

The most important month for Muslims is the month of Ramadan. In this holy month, we fast and worship to please Allah. Allah forgives our sins for fasting and worship. Fulfills our desires. This holy month of Ramadan 1443 AH will start from Sunday 3rd April 2022. That will start our fast. And if we want to fast, we must know the time of Seheri and the time of Iftar.

When does Ramadan Start?

That is why we have brought for you the complete schedule of Ramadan 2022. Here you will find detailed information about the time and date of Sehri and Iftar. So let’s not be late to see the exact schedule of Sehri and Iftar of the holy month of Ramadan 1443 AH. The Islamic Foundation has published the schedule of Sehri and Iftar for the holy month of Ramadan 1443 AH, March 08, 2022. Below is the schedule of Sehri and Iftar for the holy month of Ramadan 2022 by the Islamic Foundation.

When is Ramadan?

You must have found our article on this question when is Ramadan. We have come up with your answer. The month of Ramadan is starting from 03rd April 2022. We have come before you with the schedule of Sehri and Iftar for the holy month of Ramadan 2022 published by the Islamic Foundation on 08 March 2022. Not only when Ramadan, but you will also get the schedule of Sehri and Iftar of Ramadan.

Ramadan Month Iftar and Sehri Schedule 2022


Ramadan Calendar 2022


Ramadan Month Calendar 2022


Happy Ramadan

Since the month of Ramadan has come, we have to be engrossed in worship for the sake of Allah. I hope you can fast all. Observe the fast according to our schedule. May Allah fulfill the hopes of all your minds. Amen. Let’s start Ramadan beautifully with this waiting. Ramadan Mubarak of Muslim brothers. Fast in a healthy way.

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