RU C Unit Result 2021। Rajshahi University Admission Result 2021 C Unit

Rajshahi University C Unit Result Download । RU C Unit PDF Download Here

The results of C unit of Rajshahi University have been published. The C unit examination was held at Rajshahi University on Monday, October 4, 2021. This time Rajshahi University C unit had a total of 25271 candidates. A total of 34 people will compete against each other for a seat.

Rajshahi University Admission Result 2020-2021 C Unit

The results of Rajshahi University C Unit are published within 4 days after the end of the examination. Published on Rajshahi University website and our website. Read our entire post to know the results very quickly. Rajshahi University C-unit is only for students of Science Department. Only those candidates who had background science can apply for the test in this unit.


RU C Unit Result 2021

To take the exam in Rajshahi Varsity C Unit, the student must get GPA 3.50 (with 4th subject) in SSC. To apply for Rajshahi University C Unit, the candidate must get GPA 3.50 including the fourth subject in HSC examination.Both SSC and HSC must get a total GPA of 8.00. Students will not be able to take or apply for Rajshahi University C Unit examination unless they get a total GPA of 8.00 in secondary and higher secondary examinations.

Ru c unit result

Ru C Unit Result

Ru C Unit Result

Ru Admission Merit List and Waiting List 2020-2021

A Unit B Unit C Unit
A Unit Merit List B unit Merit List C Unit Merit List
A Unit Waiting List B Unit Waiting List C Unit Waiting List

Rajshahi University C Unit Admission Result and Faculties

Rajshahi University has a total of seven faculties. The faculties are:

  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Biology
  • Faculty of Agriculture
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Geology
  • Faculty of Fisheries
  • Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

Faculty of Science: The Faculty of Science has a total of nine departments namely:

  1. Mathematics
  2. Physics
  3. Chemistry
  4. Statistics
  5. Biochemistry and Life Sciences
  6. Pharmacy
  7. Population Science and Human Resource Development
  8. Applied Mathematics and
  9. Physical Education and Sports Science.

Faculty of Biology: The Faculty of Biology has six departments. These are:

  1. Psychology
  2. Botany
  3. Zoology
  4. Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
  5. Medical Psychology and
  6. Microbiology.

Faculty of Agriculture: There are two departments in the Faculty of Agriculture, C Unit, Rajshahi University. They are:

  1. Department of Agronomy and Agricultural Extension
  2. Department of Crop Science and Technology.

Faculty of Engineering: The C unit of Rajshahi University has a total of five departments. These are:

  1. Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  2. Computer Science and Engineering
  3. Information and Communication Engineering
  4. Materials Science and Engineering
  5. Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Faculty of Geology: The Faculty of Geology of the C Unit of the University has a total of two departments. These are:

  1. Geography and Ecology
  2. Geology and Mining.

Faculty of Fisheries: There is a department in the Faculty of Fisheries, C Unit, Rajshahi University, which is the

  1. Department of Fisheries.

Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Science: There is a department of the Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Science in the C Unit of Rajshahi University which is

  1. Veterinary and Animal Science.

RU C Unit Result PDF Download

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Rajshahi University C Unit Primary Admission Result 2021

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