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Rules to Check 109th Prize Bond Draw Online

Today's post will specially help you if you want to know the rules to check 109th prize bond draw online.

Today’s post will specially help you if you want to know the rules to check 109th prize bond draw online.

 Rules to Check 109th Prize Bond Draw Online

 The prize bond was introduced in our country in 1995 when the price of the prize bond was 10 to 50 taka.  Originally, prize bonds were first launched in the world market in 1956 in Ireland.  After the introduction of the prize bond in our country, the earlier value of 10 to 50 rupees means that the prize bonds were declared banned or withdrawn from the banks.  Rules to Check 109th Prize Bond Draw Online.

A person can buy a prize bond worth a total of Tk 45 lakh in this prize bond regulated by Bangladesh Bangkok.  This year, the prize bond of 2023 was published on October 31st in all news portals, online offline and daily newspapers of the country.

 Here are some special information about the prize board

 Prize bond Result :- 109th
 Published :- 31st October 2023
 All works of prize bond are done by :- Bangladesh Bank
 Subscriber to Prize Bond:- An interest free investment of Govt
 Where to buy prize bond:- From specialized banks authorized by Bangladesh Bank.

How long is the term of the prize bond?

 In our country Bangladesh Bank  prize bond is running for the public.  It basically has no expiration date.  It never expires.  Interestingly, this was after a few draws.  If you do not receive the prize or prize of the prize bond.  But they can be redeemed.  If you have broken the prize bond.  But you will not get any profit from it. 

      Check the results here…     

You will get back the same amount you bought the prize bond with.  It is basically distributed by the government of a country to the public as an interest free investment for the common people.  Many people say free forests are free national forests.

Prize Bond check 2023

 To check the prize bond first you need to go to the official website of Bangladesh Bank.  But the problem is that Bangladesh Bank’s official website does not provide any option to check the prize bond.  You will need to match your prize bond number to the published image to check.

    Check out the 1st Prize…  

 Many people buy multiple prize bonds.  For which many people want the prize bonds to be in the same serial.  But those who have bought prize bonds in the past know that prize bond serials are never fixed.  No one can ever buy or take all the numbers in the same serial even if two or three numbers are the same.

 109th prize bond award

The person or persons who get the first prize in the prize bond.  Basically they got the first prize of 6 lakh rupees and the second prize is 3 lakh 25 thousand rupees.

Some Important Information About Prize Bond

First Prize is Rs.6 Lakh,
Second Prize is Rs.3 Lakh 25 Thousand
Third Prize is Rs.1 Lakh
Fourth Prize is Rs.50 Thousand
Fifth Prize Winner will get Rs.10000

You can easily know the information related to the prize bond through the table mentioned below.

Prize Bond Result Viewing Rules

 As discussed earlier there are no special rules for viewing prize bond results.  However, Bangladesh Bank that the result is published.  It is published in the media in detail through a picture.  You can easily check your prize bond result through that image.

 Below is the picture for you.

109th Prize bond Draw 2022

এThis ‘Draw’ is conducted in the normal cock mode (same number for each series) and currently 68 (sixty eight) series of Rs.100/- (One Hundred) denomination are in circulation viz.-কক, কখ, কগ, কঘ, কঙ, কচ, কছ, কজ, কঝ, কঞ, কট, কঠ, কড, কঢ, কথ, কদ, কন, কপ, কফ, কব, কম, কল, কশ, কষ, কস, কহ, খক, খখ, খগ, খঘ, খঙ, খচ, খছ, খজ, খঝ, খঞ, খট, খঠ, খড, খঢ, খথ, খদ, খন, খপ, খফ, খব, খম, খল, খশ, খষ, খস, খহ, গক, গখ, গগ, গঘ, গঙ, গচ, গছ, গজ, গঝ, গঞ, গট, গঠ, গড, গঢ়, গথ এবং গদ এই ‘ড্র’-46 general numbers covered by this will be considered eligible for award.

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