SSC 2022 9th Week Accounting Assignment Solution

SSC 2022 Ninth Week Accounting Assignment Questions have been published for SSC Examiners 2022. SSC candidates of 2022 will be able to continue their educational activities by solving the 9th week Accounting Assignment. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 epidemic, the ninth week of the Accounting Assignment has been published to bring students fully involved in the learning process and under continuous assessment based on the restructured curriculum as directed by the Ministry of Education. The ninth week of Accounting Assignment will start from 26th January 2022. The Ninth Week of Accounting Assignment has been published for the SSC Examiners of 2022 and the students will also hand over the answers to the teacher at their own risk as soon as possible.

SSC 2022 9th Week Accounting Assignment Answer

In various notifications published by the Ministry of Education, all the education systems of the country are being conducted in different ways. Following different processes at different times, the Ministry of Education has continued all educational activities across the country. Following this, SSC 2022 Accounting Assignment has been published on 25 January 2022. We have published the instructions regarding SSC 2022 Accounting Assignment Answer on our website. The Ministry of Education has arranged for assignments during the epidemic to help students become proficient in accounting. Sample answers to the assignment are published on our website. By looking at this answer students will get ideas on how to solve the assignment. You can download SSC 2022 Accounting Assignment Answer from our website as a sample.

SSC Accounting Ninth Week Assignment Solution 2022

Accounting Second Paper has been published for the students participating in SSC Exam 2022. The ninth week chemistry assignment has been published in the book of Accounting . SSC 2022 Accounting is basically for all the examinees who have studied Science in the school. An important subject in the science department is Accounting . This time the assignment has been published about Accounting. SSC 2022 Accounting Assignment Solutions is available as a sample answer on our website.

The work of Accounting assignment

Application of double entry method of accounting

Helpful information:

Following are some of the transactions of Messrs. Jaya & Co.

1. Mrs. Joy Mukherjee invested another Rs. 20,000 in the business

2. One for office is 25000 rupees

3. Office rent paid three months in advance is 18000 rupees

4. It was sold to Rajan for 25,000 rupees

5. The bank charged Rs 1,500

6. 7000 rupees was withdrawn from the bank

7. Purchase of goods on loan is 15000 rupees

8. The wage was paid 3000 rupees

9. Purchase return 2000 rupees

10. 10,000 was deposited in the bank

 Ninth Week SSC 2022 Accounting Assignment Learning Outcome

  • I can explain the concept of two way filing system
  • I will be able to describe the features of two way filing system
  • I will be able to identify the two parties involved in the transaction, namely the debit and credit parties

SSC 2022 Accounting Ninth Week Assignment Question


SSC 2022 Accounting Assignment Solution Instruction

  • The idea of ​​a two-way filing system
  • Features of two-way filing system
  • Debit and Credit Assessment Rules (in the light of the textbook)
  • Determining the associated debit and credit side of the transaction (in light of page 55 of the textbook)

Students will solve SSC 2022 Accounting Assignment by following their own instructions. The ninth week SSC 2022 Accounting Assignment solution has been published on our website as a sample. If you understand the solution of this assignment well, you will be able to answer the assignment accordingly.

SSC 2022 Accounting 9th Week Assignment Answer


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