SSC 2022 Short Syllabus, SSC Short Syllabus 2022

SSC Exam 2022 Statistics:

Test start: April – May 2022 (probable)
Test ends: May-June 2022 (probable)
Publication of results: Within 60 days of the end of the test
Number of candidates: 16 lakh +
Number of test centers: 3200+
Information about short syllabus:

Coronavirus is the reason why the short syllabus from the original book of SSC 2022 examinees is published. Where a short syllabus with 70% is published. Published syllabus for all students across the country. In June 2021, the short syllabus was published on the website of Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Dhaka.

SSC 2022 Science Department Short Syllabus Download Link:

Chemistry – Download link

Higher Math – Download Link

Physics – Download link

Biology – Download link

Bangladesh and Global Studies – download link

SSC 2022 Business Department Short Syllabus Download Link:

Science – Download Link

Accounting – Download link

Business Entrepreneurship – Download Link

Finance and Banking – Download Link

Agriculture – Download Link

SSC 2022 Humanities Department Short Syllabus Download Link:

Science – Download Link

Economics – Download link

Civics and Citizenship – Download Link

Bangladesh History and World Civilization – Download Link

Geography and Environment – Download Link

Agriculture Education – Download Link

SSC 2022 Required Subject Short Syllabus Download Link:

Bangla First Paper – Download Link

Bangla Second Paper – Download Link

English First Paper – Download Link

English Second Paper – Download Link

General Math – Download link

Information and Communication Technology – Download Link

Islam Education – Download Link

Hindu Education – Download Link

Buddhist teachings – download link

Christian Education – Download Link

Short syllabus download link for all additional topics of SSC 2022:

Arts & Crafts – Download Link

Career Education – Download Link

Physical Education – Download Link

Arabic – download link

Culture – Download link

Pali – Download link

Music – Download Link

ssc 2021
SSC 2021 Short Syllabus
September 11, 2021
In “Secondary School”

HSC 2022 Short Syllabus
October 12, 2021
In “HSC Exam”

SSC Exam 2022 Short Syllabus Download Link
October 10, 2021
In “SSC Exam”

ssc 2022 short syllabus
SSC 2022 Short syllabus of science department
SSC 2022 Business Department Short Syllabus
SSC 2022 Short syllabus of humanities department
SSC exam
SSC 2022 short syllabus

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