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In view of the current Covid 19 epidemic for SSC and HSC and equivalent candidates, the Ministry of Education has decided to achieve learning outcomes through assignments on three group-based elective subjects for students.বাংলায় দেখুন


 SSC Or Equivalent Candidates

For SSC or equivalent candidates, 24 assignments will be given in 12 weeks from 18 July 2021. A total of twenty-four assignments will be given twice a week on three elective subjects. SSC candidates will do eight assignments on each elective subject. A short syllabus of HSC candidates will be covered through 8 assignments on each subject.


HSC or Equivalent Candidates


Assignment activities for HSC and equivalent candidates will start from July 26, 2021, the Ministry of Education said. A total of 30 SL matches will be given to HSC candidates in 15 weeks. A total of 30 assignments will be given in three elective subjects and five in each of the 6 papers. The short syllabus given for HSC will be covered through assignment.


SSC And HSC Exam News 2021

Required subjects in case of SSC Bangla English ICT Mathematics Religion In case of HSC Required subjects including Bengali English and no assignment of 4th subject will be given. For HSC or equivalent students, the subjects required in JSC / JDC and SSC or equivalent examinations as they have been assessed in their previous examinations will not be given the assignment of the required subjects, the Ministry of Education said.

In the case of SSCs, since group-based assessments have not yet been offered to education boards, group-based assessments are necessary. Moreover, it is possible to provide SSC or HSC level numbers through JSC / JDC, SSC or equivalent examination subject mapping.


 Exam Subjects


SSC 2021: 24 assignments in 12 weeks on 3 elective subjects.

 HSC 2021: 30 assignments in 15 weeks on 6 papers on 3 elective subjects from 28th July.

 Exams in Science will be: Physics, Chemistry + Math / Biology

 Required subjects (Bangla, English, ICT, Mathematics), IV subjects will be evaluated from the previous board examination.

The results of last year’s HSC will be given through subject mapping in the same way that the results of this year’s HSC and SSC examinations will be given through subject mapping.


In the case of higher education, group-based assessments will be required as group-based assessments are required. Education Minister Dipu Moni said the group-based assessment would be done after assessing the students before going to the universities for higher studies. The Ministry of Education thinks that since the Kovid 19 epidemic subsides in November-December-January, SSC and HSC examinations can be taken subject to the situation at that time. The education minister also said that all the students and teachers would be brought under the vaccination program and then the examination would be taken.

HSC 2021 Form Fill Up (All Board) Pdf Download


About Covid 19 The Ministry of Education hopes that if the situation is favorable, it will be possible to take the exam by reducing both the examination time and the examination number on only three group-based subjects in the light of the short syllabus following a limited range of hygiene rules. And according to him, the plan is being adopted, said Education Minister Dipu Moni. In this case


SSC and HSC Possible Exam Date


Possible date of SSC or equivalent examination: 2nd week of November (2021)


Probable date of HSC or equivalent examination: 1st week of December (2021)



 Alternative Methods (If Examination Is Not Possible)


If Covid 19 is not suitable for the situation and it is not possible to take the exam then mapping their subject on the basis of previous JSC / JDC and SSC or equivalent marks and results of SSC and HSC or equivalent examination through the assignment being given or only through subject mapping. Will be published.


 Assignment Marking System


In order to make the evaluation of the assignment transparent, copies of the assignments from random schools and colleges from all over the country have been brought. Test results will be created. However, the Education Minister has made it clear that if the assessment of the assignment is not transparent, they will only announce the results of HSC and SSC through subject mapping of JSC / JDC and SSC or equivalent examinations. In the case, students have been asked to focus on assignments and teachers have been instructed to evaluate assignments properly and a directive will be issued in this regard, the Ministry of Education said.

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