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SSC & HSC Update News

SSC & HSC Update News

In the end, the Ministry of Education has announced the decision on SSC and HSC examinations. Education Minister Dipu Moni announced the decision in a press release on July 15. The Ministry of Education has decided to take the exam from the long awaited decision. After giving auto pass to HSC 2020 batch last year, there was a rumor again that someone will give auto pass to SSC and HSC 2023. SSC & HSC Update News However, from the beginning, they were not in favor of the auto side, but they ruled in favor of evaluating the education system in an alternativeয় দেখুন


However, there are opportunities in the alternative method auto side. If the test is, it will be on only three subjects. There will be three subjects for SSC candidates and one paper for HSC candidates in three subjects, the education minister said. However, since the class did not take place, the Education Minister said that the assignment would be given keeping in mind the issue of students’ studies. Although the assessment from the assignment is not possible or like the class, it is possible to prepare for the exam. A total of twenty four assignments of 12 weeks for SSC and one assignment for each subject will be given. In that case elective subjects will be examined or assignment will be given. The Education Minister further said that the required subjects of Bangla English Mathematics and ICT will not be tested. In that case the results of all these subjects will be published by analyzing the numbers of the past board examinations through subject mapping.

The fourth subject will not be tested

30 assignments of 15 weeks for HSC. You will get all the information about the assignments from our website. Assignment questions and sample answers will be available from our site.

SSC And HSC Assignment

However, if the situation does not improve after the preparation with the assignment, the SSC and HSC examinations will be held in accordance with the health rules, said the Education Minister. In that case the probable date of SSC examination may be the second week of November and the probable date of HSC examination may be the first week of December.


Assignments for SC candidates will start from 18th. Assignments will be given from July 26 for HSC candidates.


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If it is possible to take the test then only the test will be held on top of the three elective subjects which again reduces both the time and the number. However, if the situation does not improve, then the essential subjects will be numbered through life subject mapping. The same procedure will be followed in the case of elections. However, in this case, the Ministry of Education has said that it will then inform whether any number from the assignment will be added to the original number. A maximum of 10 to 15 percent marks can be added from the assignment.


Assignments need to be done as it is possible to get adequate preparation in SSC and HSC. And if the test is not done, it is very easy to get 10 to 15 percent marks from the assignment.



As the school and college have been closed for almost a year and a half due to the Covid-19 epidemic, there is uncertainty about this year’s SSC and HSC exams. However, the Ministry of Education says that this time there is no auto pass in SSC and HSC. Earlier, the Ministry of Education had said that HSC candidates would take 84 days and SSC candidates would take classes in class. However, the school-college could not be opened on time due to the deteriorating situation. It is almost certain that the school-college will be closed for a few more months at the current rate of deterioration in the Corona situation. But this time the education ministry is going to decide on the stuck SSC and HSC exams.



এস.এস.সি এবং এইচ.এস.সি পরীক্ষা যেভাবে নেওয়া হবে (সম্ভাব্য তারিখ)


 Final decision of SSC and HSC

The SSC exam was held last year and it was not possible to take the HSC exam due to Corona and the subsequent auto pass. SSC examinations are held in February and HSC examinations in April every year. Due to the situation, HSC exams have not been possible on time for the last two years. However, the Ministry of Education does not want to give auto pass this time, it is known from the sources. The education boards are against giving auto passes.

HSC 2023 Form Fill Up (All Board) Pdf Download

Education Minister Dipu Moni will decide on SSC and HSC through a virtual conference at 11 a.m. You can watch the virtual conference directly from our website. First of all you will get the latest news of today’s decision of SSC and HSC through our website. In that case you can submit it to our website with your email address. The notification will go to your email as soon as the decision is made.

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