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Teletalk 2 GB 17 TK [Activision Code] Teletalk 2 GB Internet Only 17 TK

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Teletalk 2GB 17 Taka

Teletalk has come up with a great offer for their customers. This offer is very useful for those who use internet regularly. Teletalk has brought 2 GB internet for their customers for only 17 taka. Many people do not know how to take this internet package. Today we will tell you how to take this internet package. Although the price of GP 2GB internet is much higher, Teletalk is offering 2GB internet for only 17 taka for some of their customers which you must take.

Teletalk 2GB internet 17 taka code

Teletalk 2GB 17 Taka This offer is available only to those who get a message on their phone. Teletalk offers a text message to the customer’s phone and the customer can know if he has received the offer. A lot of times we don’t check the message or we or other family members delete the message so we can’t get 2GB from Teletalk offer for 17 Taka. However, we have provided you with the code of the message that you can take this offer by dialing if you have been selected for this offer.

To buy Teletalk 2GB for 17 Taka, you have to get a message on your phone because Teletalk only offers this offer to their special customers. For those who have deleted the message on their phone, we are giving you the dial code in that message. You can dial this code to see if the 2GB offer for 17 Taka is applicable for you.

Teletalk offers 2GB offer and dial code for 16 taka

Offer: 2 GB

Duration: 15 days

Price: 17 TK

Dial Code: * 111 * 17 #



  • This offer is for eligible customers only.
  • You can enjoy it for the first time.
  • It is essential to dial in the correct date.
  • The pack is valid for one month
  • The balance checking code is * 121 * 1 * 4 #
  • The customer can close the offer at any time.
  • The offer will continue until further notice.

If you have Teletalk 2GB internet for 17 taka, please comment. If you haven’t received it, please comment. Let me know if your message code is different.

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