Teletalk 5G Experimental Launched

State-owned mobile telecom operator Teletalk will launch FiveG in the country on a trial basis from December 12. This information was given by the managing director of Teletalk in a workshop with TRNB, an organization of journalists in the field of telecommunication and information technology on Saturday. Shahab Uddin.

Teletalk’s General Manager (Sales and Distribution) Engineer SK Wahiduzzaman, TRNB President Rashed Mehedi and General Secretary Sameer Kumar also spoke at the workshop on preparation for launch of Teletalk’s FiveG at BTCL Telephone Exchange Building at Gulshan-1 in the capital.

Teletalk Company Secretary Targhibul Islam and Deputy General Manager (Planning) Rezaul Karim Rizvi presented two articles on Teletalk’s ongoing activities and preparation of 5G.

According to the managing director of Teletalk, Teletalk will launch 5G on a trial basis on December 12. On this day, the initial test activities will be officially started through six Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) in Dhaka. After that, commercial experimental activities will be carried out by 2022 by installing 200 base transceivers in Dhaka. 5G’s full service activities will be launched after the commercial trial period.

He added that Teletalk has already received 60 MHz radio waves in the 3,500 MHz band for launching 5G. Teletalk has received TK.2,000 crore from the government for the FiveG project. The open tender policy will be followed for the supply of necessary equipment in this project.

According to the keynote address presented at the workshop, Teletalk currently has 5,451 2G, 4,065 3G and 3,290 4G BTS. The article highlights the global information technology data and says that in the next few days, the use of 3G worldwide will drop to five percent of the total users. But Forge will remain useful to the average consumer for more than a decade. And the state of the art telecom services up to Forge will radically change. And 5G will be the main driving force of smart industrial production system and management in the fourth industrial revolution. That’s why Teletalk plans to continue expanding, improving and expanding 5G at the same time in its plans. Therefore, judging by the real situation, no new plan will be taken for 3G at this time.

In the original article, it was further stated that Teletalk was the first to undertake the initial and commercial pilot project of 5G in order to create a platform for the use of 5G in Bangladesh. In particular, as a state-owned operator, Teletalk has always valued customer service at affordable prices and network expansion in remote and inaccessible areas. At present, only Teletalk has a network in most parts of the remote Haor-Baor, the deep jungles of the Sundarbans and the remote hilly regions.

In response to a question, the managing director of Teletalk said that allegations of illegal use of VoIP technology were being leveled against Teletalk. Which is unrealistic and baseless. He explained that, firstly, in the current global reality of telecommunication and information technology, the international call termination for direct voice calls is constantly declining around the world. Because people are now using OTT apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger or national apps. As a result, the illegal use of VoIP technology is now becoming old history. It is sad to make a complaint without understanding this reality.

He said Teletalk sells SIM cards or connections to customers as an operator. The customer is responsible for how the customer uses it. In addition, since he took over as the managing director, if there is any evidence of illegal use of Teletalk’s SIM card, he has made arrangements to send the information of any customer to the concerned company. He also said that action is being taken against any Teletalk dealer who has sold SIM cards without following proper rules.


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