The Most Expensive Food In The World Caviar [Information 2022]

Today we will talk about The Most Expensive Food In The World Caviar. Food is one of the basic human needs. But not only to meet the demand, food is now one of the luxuries for the people. People are spending millions of rupees on this luxury. It is customary in the British royal family to eat a type of pigeon. The price is about 08 lakh rupees. But that is the news of the royal family!

The Most Expensive Food In The World Caviar

In the first place among the most expensive foods in the world is the marine fish eggs called sturgeon. Which is called caviar. In today’s article, let’s find out what is in this sky-high expensive food. Don’t know The Most Expensive Food In The World Caviar, the unknown secret.

The Most Expensive Food In The World Caviar (Price)

The Most Expensive Food In The World Caviar is now on the list of a luxury food, but it was a very common food in the early nineteenth century. It is an unfertilized or unfertilized egg of a type of marine fish. Carrier is the most expensive food item found in nature. The price of 01 kg caviar can be up to 30 thousand US dollars or about 26 lakh Bangladeshi rupees.

The reason for this skyrocketing price of caviar is the inadequacy of sturgeon fish against the growing demand of buyers. Prices for caviar start at ৮ 1,800 per 50 grams. And if you want to taste black caviar or the most expensive food in the world caviar, then you have to pay about 10 to 15 times more.

The Most Expensive Food In The World Caviar (Place of Origin)

The Most Expensive Food In The World Caviar is the sturgeon fish eggs of the Aesopin saridi family. Some are mainly served raw with a small amount of salt or light spices. These eggs are collected from nature. When sturgeon species of fish come to the river from the sea in search of breeding. Ninety percent of the world’s caviar comes from the Caspian Sea.

The world’s best caviar is sourced from Azerbaijan, Iran and the Caspian Sea in Russia. However, the Belugas sturgeon, most famous for its caviar, lives in the Caspian and Black Seas. It lays its eggs in the Volga, Aral, Danube, Taniestar and Ton rivers. The belugas sturgeon has been banned in the United States since 2005 due to the risk of extinction due to overfishing.

The Most Expensive Food In The World Caviar (Fish Farming)

On the other hand, the best time to collect caviar, the most expensive food in the world, is determined on the basis of ultrasound radiology. In general, Tarzan fish can produce billions of eggs in one season. As of 2004, there were only two career production farms. Over the years, the number has grown to more than 2,000. Black caviar is currently only available in Iranian diamond caviar.

The Most Expensive Food In The World Caviar (Fish Feature)

Due to species differences, caviar has a variety of drawings and flavors. As well as color and change. Caviar is available in black, green, gray, brown, light yellow, dark yellow, orange etc. However, the most expensive black food in the world – caviar is the most in demand. So the price is the highest in restaurants or markets.

The Most Expensive Food In The World Caviar (Fish Species)

It takes about 20 years for a sturgeon to become an adult. Besides, it is not at all easy to identify the eggs before they are fertilized. Traditionally, the eggs were taken out by cutting the stomach of the fish. However, with the advent of technological advancement, there is now a way to collect eggs without killing fish. Sturgeon is a type of catfish. Many catfish in nature can live more than 100 years.

The Most Expensive Food In The World Caviar 01

There are several species of this fish. About 28 species are found in nature, including beluga, vestra, subluga, sternade. As an alternative to caviar, eggs of clown fish, flying fish, etc. are in vogue, but salmon grow is the most commonly used. It is known as Red Cavier. The Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the oceans and rivers of the Northern Hemisphere, have different species of sturgeon.

The Most Expensive Food In The World Caviar (Egg Collection)

Sturgeon fish lay eggs at a certain time in winter. Tarzan is basically an anadromas fish. When it is time to lay eggs, they have to move to river water, that is, to fresh water. At other times of the year they are at sea. This fish is actually hunted by caviar collectors on the banks of the river to lay eggs. For a long time, the stomachs of sturgeon were cut off to collect eggs. Because the fat that comes out of the fish’s stomach is not caviar. And it cannot be eaten raw.

The Most Expensive Food In The World Caviar 02

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As a result of the extra eggs collected, some species of sturgeon are now almost extinct. The most endangered species in the extinct species is the belugas sturgeon. Black caviar is obtained from this species of fish. The belugas sturgeon weighs about one thousand kilograms. A full-grown fish contains about 12 percent of the total weight of an egg.

In the preparation of caviar, the days are very carefully loosened. So that they do not melt or stick together. Then the eggs are boiled with salt and chutney to taste. Many people like to eat caviar by adding light garlic or Raushan Ershad. Since it is served raw, it is stored with great care so that no microorganisms can enter it.

Usually the most expensive food in the world caviar is kept at a temperature of 02 to 04 degrees Celsius. However, in order to preserve it for a long time, it has to be kept frozen at a lower temperature.

The Most Expensive Food In The World Caviar (History)

They are called the food of the rich. Each year, various airlines purchase about half of the world’s caviar reserves for their first-class passengers. Although caviar was not always the food of the rich. It was once a daily food item for fishermen from Russia. They used to eat it regularly along with cooking ordinary potatoes. Named after Russian fishermen, it was often called Row.

It was once a common food in European countries. The main reason for the abnormal rise in carrier demand over the past few decades is that caviar was once a daily or common name on the diet of people in European countries since the 1800’s, but now it has become a symbol of aristocratic expression.

The Most Expensive Food In The World Caviar (Served)

The aristocracy also wants to serve such expensive food. In restaurants, food is brought to the customer in 24 carat gold boxes or on pearls. Usually each bowl contains up to 50-250 grams of caviar. It is served with small cookie biscuits or expensive metal spoons on ice cubes and served with pancakes, toast or sushi.

The Most Expensive Food In The World Caviar 03

Some people like to have a little caviar with whiskey or vodka at the party. Not only is the career so interesting to look at, its taste is so unique that there is no disagreement among the experts about this. The food that is served in a golden bowl, the food that an endangered fish cannot get rid of, its price is not uncommon to reach beyond the reach of the common man. It is very popular to eat it with vodka in western countries. Shakespeare mentions caviar in his timeless play.

The Most Expensive Food In The World Caviar (Effectiveness)

Many are unaware that caviar has a unique nutritional value. The functioning of the body is astonishing. It simultaneously improves blood circulation. Acts as a powerful antioxidant. Improves bone health. Fights stress and migraines. Prevents anemia. Increases the beauty of the skin. Works against depression and by-product disorders. It also plays a role in cutting hangovers.

Caviar rich in omega three fatty acids prevents blood from clotting in the body. It is considered to be very good for cardiovascular and brain health. It is also beneficial for our immune system and thyroid function. Rich in vitamins and minerals, caviar contains sufficient amount of essential nutrients for human body. It contains a lot of Vitamin-C, Vitamin-A and Vitamin-E. Which works to increase immunity. Therefore, considering the health benefits, sturgeon fish eggs are one food.


The Most Expensive Food In The World Caviar (Extinct)

If we do not take adequate measures, the invaluable resources of the sea, the sturgeon, will soon become extinct. Then the price of the part is why caviar will not match in exchange for anything else. Destroying a species just for the sake of luxury would be the ultimate injustice to nature. Therefore, the use of fish-friendly method of collecting the name of the fish should be increased. The best decision would be if the collection of caviar, the most expensive food in the world without cultivation, is now completely banned.

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