Today’s taka rate of different countries in Bangladeshi taka – 14 November 2021

Today’s taka rate of different countries in Bangladeshi taka – 14 November 2021

Find out today’s money rate. Today is Sunday, 14 November 2021 English, Bengali: 30 Kartik 1428, Arabic: 9 Robius Sunny 1443, let’s see at the beginning of the day what is the current rate of Bangladeshi Taka in different currencies.

To send money to the country at the right rate from abroad, always send money knowing the actual exchange rate of money. Here it is mentioned that if the foreign currency is converted to Bangladeshi taka then the value that can be obtained in Bangladeshi taka. On the other hand, if you want to buy foreign currency in Bangladeshi rupees, the price will be different.

Last updated: 08:00:00 (17/11/2021) UTC + 08: 00 – Expatriate Horizon Limited.

A. Inter-bank exchange rates as on Nov 17, 2021:
Currency Day´s lowest Day´s highest
USD 85.8000 85.8000
B. Cross rates as on Nov 17, 2021:
Currency Buying Selling
EUR 97.1170 97.1513
GBP 115.2037 115.2380
AUD 62.6512 62.6769
JPY 0.7472 0.7473
CAD 68.2904 68.3121
SEK 9.6479 9.6518
SGD 63.2184 63.2370
CNH 13.4224 13.4295
INR 1.1523 1.1524
LKR 2.3427 2.3660

Source: Bangladesh Bank

The actual value may change partially between space and time. You can get information from your nearest bank to know the latest price. Do not use Google or Currency Converter. There is an average of buying and selling. The expatriate horizon does not buy or sell any foreign currency. For the convenience of sending remittances to the expatriates, we provide a real rate of how much will be available if the currency of different countries is converted into Bangladeshi Taka daily.

Send your hard earned money safely through the bank. Avoid illegal methods like hundi. If you send remittances to the country through bank or legally, you will get cash incentive from the government at the rate of 2%. Keep an eye on the expatriate horizon to know the daily money rate / exchange rate.

Malaysia (Ringgit), Saudi Arabia (Real), America (US Dollar), Europe (Euro), Britain (Pound), Singapore (Singapore Dollar), United Arab Emirates (Dirham), Australia (Australian Dollar), Canada (Canadian) Dollar), Oman (Omani Rial), Bahrain (Bahraini Dinar), Qatar (Qatari Dinar), Kuwait (Kuwaiti Dinar), Japan (Japanese Yen).

Note: Currency rates may change at any time.

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