What is Google Adsense loading? How does it work?

Google AdSense loading is the use of a software or script process to send clicks or traffic to your website for the purpose of increasing revenue on your Google AdSense approved site.

What is Google Adsense loading? How does it work?

Dear readers, how are you all? Hope everyone is well. You might be wondering what we mean by Google AdSense loading. Is loading Google AdSense safe to increase income from Google AdSense loading? We have discussed all these issues in this post today. So read the entire post carefully. Read this post in Bangla


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What or what is called Google Adsense loading?

Google AdSense loading is the use of a software or script process to send clicks or traffic to your website for the purpose of increasing revenue on your Google AdSense approved site.

Origin of Google Adsense Loading

Google AdSense loading came through Indians and Pakistanis. They usually promise to send $100 to your AdSense account for $30 to $45. The main point is that the traffic received from Google Adsense loading is not real traffic. They will still make you believe that the traffic they are sending is real. As a result, you will be very interested in hearing them.

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Google Adsense loading may result in ad limit


As a result of Google AdSense loading, the possibility of adlimit increases a lot. There is also a possibility that your account will be disabled. So using google adsense loading is very risky. If you consider using it, do so at your own risk. Google AdSense loading is less guaranteed.

How safe is Google Adsense loading?

As we said earlier Google Adsense loading is not safe. So it should not be relied upon at all. As a result, the possibility of your ID being disabled increases a lot. And the bottom line is that there is no hope. So it is better not to use adsense loading.

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Google Adsense Loading Rules


Warning: We have already said that Google Adsense loading is not safe at all. Whatever you do, do it at your own risk. Eduinfobd authority will not be responsible for any problem. All the methods we have discussed here are free. We have presented these free tricks to you. So let’s know the details about the methods.

Adsense Loading Rules Method 1

Use VPS and Paid IP

By using site click on site ad to use adsense loading. The site is a VPS building web site. Where many devices can be created virtually. Now the trick is definitely very risky. Because many people are taking advantage of clicks from this site. Google authorities can disable your ID if they somehow understand or suspect about this.

Adsense Loading Rules Method 2

Using the Go-Login app

Many people promote CPA marketing offers in a fake way by using the application. But in this case IP has to be bought. This method is not very profitable to earn by clicking adsense. The tracking system of CPA offers is not the same as Google’s tracking system. You have to remember that Google’s system is very smart and clever. But it is safe to increase AdSense ECPM by using Go login app. This means that you can use this trick to view ads on YouTube or websites. But clicking on the ad will not be safe.

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Adsense Loading Rules Method 3

Ads Campaign

The method is very safe. But not 100% safe. Here you can bring traffic to your website by giving ads on various sites. Although all the traffic in the said method is real, the traffic is brought through campaigns or advertisements. As a result you have to invest some money. However, there is no guarantee that traffic to your site will increase.

Some tips about Adsense loading

Content on your site cannot be stopped when you drive traffic to your site by running ads. Along with this you need to have social traffic, search traffic. Because the Google Ad team always checks these things. AdSense loading requires good ad network.

Rules for traffic through paid campaigns

In cases where you can increase your site traffic by using paid campaigns,

By Using Facebook


Facebook is a big social media. So it is very easy to get traffic to your website from it. If you have an idea about the Facebook campaign and its keywords, then you can run the campaign on Facebook by writing articles for high CPC keywords. Although the method is risky, if your targeting is good, it is possible to get more than $20 CPC from the received traffic. If you are not experienced, it is better not to campaign through Facebook. Because here your profit is more likely to lose.

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By Using Tumblr


Tumblr is a popular social media website. From that website you will get traffic from many USA countries. You can get traffic from Tumblr by promoting your website at low cost. The risk of this method is very low.

By Using the clickadilla site

On that site you can drive USA traffic to your site for just $0.03 through the campaign. Mostly Indians and Pakistanis send their website traffic through this site. All the traffic sent by the site is real but Google does not support such traffic. As a result, the possibility of ID being disabled increases.

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By Using micro job web sites

Some of the best micro job websites are Appen, Clickworker, Mechanical Turk Neevo, Hive Micro,, TriMyUI and Scribie.

Macro job sites hire their own workers for 5 to 10 cents per click. This method is not that risky. But your income may not be that much in this method.

Special Note: The main purpose of this post is to inform you about what and how adsense loading works. It is not our intention to advise or encourage anyone to load Adsense. We will not be responsible in any way for any injury caused by you using adsense loading.

So far today. Hope you will benefit from this post. Thank you.

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