What is Google trends?

Today we are going to discuss about Google Trends. Today we will try to give complete information about what is Google Trends, how it works etc.

What is Google trends?

Dear readers, How are you all? Hope everyone is well. Today we are going to discuss about Google Trends. Today we will try to give complete information about what is Google Trends, how it works etc.


What is it for?

Also in Google Trends you will know how to create your own account, how to use its, features of Google Trends, what are the benefits of its. So without wasting much time learn about it in detail.

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About Google Trends

Google Trends is basically a tool developed by Google company. It shows the list of most searched keywords by the user. it is mainly used for e-commerce. If you can use it properly, it will act as your powerful ally.

You can see everything on Google Trends

With it you can do any search.
You can see the data of the keyword in graph form. The Google Trends graph interprets keyword popularity on a scale of 0 to 100. A keyword you see between 0 and 49 is rarely searched for. And the keywords between 50 and 100 are searched a lot in Google and other search engines. In addition to this, it also shows how many times a keyword has been searched. With the help of this it is also possible to know from where a user has searched. it provides various benefits to its users. For example, comparing keywords, working with data filters, showing real time data, etc.

You can see all the keywords from Google Trends

From it you can see all types of data for any keyword from 2004 to now. You can also see the graph of the most searched keywords.

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What is called Trends?

Indicates what keyword a user is searching for the most often. The topic that is searched the most at present is called the trending topic. With it, you can easily find out which keywords are most searched for in which country.

The journey and history of Google Trends

Google Company created a tool called Google Insights for Search on August 5, 2008. Later, on December 27, 2012, Google changed its name to Google Trends. If you want, you can see complete information about any keyword in graph form with the help of it. This tool is very useful and important tool for a blogger.

How to create an account on Google Trends

You must have a Gmail ID to create an account from Google Trends. Here’s what to do to create an account on Google Trends:

1. First enter Google and search by typing Google Trends.
2. Then visit the official website of Google Trends.
3. Then click on sign in option above.
4. Then you sign in to it with your Gmail ID.
5. Your Google Trends account is now created.

This is how you can create your Google Trends account.

How to use Google Trends

To use the Google Trends tool, you must have a Google Trends account. Once your account is created you can use it. And this tool is very easy to use. How to use the tool,

1. First, you type any keyword in the search bar of it and click on the search option
2. In the next step, it will tell you all the information about the keywords.
3. With this you will be able to see all the data for that keyword in graph form. 4. And you can know whether you should make a related post or article using that keyword.

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Some examples related to Google Trends

Suppose, you write an article or post about biodata on your site. Then you search by typing biodata in the search bar. With the graph you can easily know whether you should work on this keyword or not. You can use country, time, category and search filters from it if you want. Also you can compare a keyword with any other keyword.

Benefits of Google trends

If you scroll down after searching for a keyword, you will get a list of places where that keyword is being searched the most. The Google trends tool will show you a complete list of search related keywords.
Using Google Trends is very easy. After using this tool for a few days you will understand everything about it.


Features of Google Trends

The features of Google Trends are:

1. Check Keyword Trends

You can find out which keywords are currently trending through it. With this you can easily find trending keywords related to your niche very easily.

2. Check keyword history

With it you can see and understand the complete history of any keyword. From it you can see all types of data for any keyword from 2004 to the last 1 hour. You can see and know the detailed information about which keywords are being searched in any country at any time. With it, you can also decide whether to write an article on the search keyword.

3. Relative keywords

When you search for any keyword in it. Then you can see many keywords related to the same topic at once. Based on which you can write articles or posts on that topic. You can also add that keyword to your article or post.

4. Keyword Competition

You will be able to find the best keyword for your content, post or business by comparing between two keywords.

5. Target Country

You will be able to find out which keywords are most searched for in a particular country. Then you will be able to rank your article or post according to those keywords.

6. Real time data

It lets you check which keywords are being searched for the most in real time. You can see the topic on the homepage of it.

7. Data filter

With the filter feature in it, you will be able to easily filter any keyword by country, time, category and search.

What are the benefits of Google Trends for bloggers?

Google Trends has several benefits for a blogger. The advantages are,

1. You can write a powerful content by finding the best keywords for your blog or site. For which the possibility of ranking your post or article will increase a lot.
2. You can find trending topics very easily with it.
3. You can create your own blog or site.
4. You can easily write posts or articles on trending topics.
5. You will be able to rank your website in any country very easily by using some tricks.
6. With the help of it, you will be able to find content ideas very easily.
7. You can easily write posts or content according to people’s needs.
8. With its help you will be able to get more traffic to your website in less time.


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Google Trends as a reliable tool

All in all, Google Trends is a reliable tool. With this you can easily find the most searched keywords for your article or post.

How to enter Google Trends

1. First type
2. Then type the keyword you want to write an article or post about.
3. Then click on enter option.
4. Then you can see all the information and data of that keyword.

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