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XI Class Admission Circular 2021-2022 (কলেজ আবেদন করুন)

The Board of Education has given instructions for the class XI admission system 2021-2022. From 5 January 2022, students will be able to apply for admission in class XI. As per the instructions of the Board of Education, the teaching of class XI students will start from March 2. Like every year, online admission process has to be completed in class XI again. Students will be able to determine the college based on their preferences and merits. Our discussion today is about Class XI Admission (HSC College Admission 2021) System 2021-2022.

XI Class Admission 2021-2022

The next step for those who have just passed the SSC 2021 exam is college admission. Everyone wants to get admission in a good quality college. If you want to get a good college, you don’t just have to get good results, you have to choose the college in the right way. Many times good colleges are not available even after getting good results. So you always have to be very careful about this college choice. Since students are not aware of the subject matter of college, in today’s discussion we will discuss how it is possible to be a good college with college choice. Eleventh grade students should be given a choice in which colleges. Which are the best colleges in Bangladesh. How many marks will it take to get admission in the best colleges of Bangladesh. How will the process of college admission 2021-2022 be completed? If you read the following part, you will get all the information about the class XI admission system very easily.

Class XI Admission 2021 Timeline

Application Start Date: 5th January 2022

Application Deadline: N / A

Application GPA Required: 2.00

1st Step Application Start Date:

1st Step Application Deadline:

2021 Results Release Date: 25th August,

2021 Class Start: 2nd March 2022

Website :

xi college admission



XI Class Admission Starting Date 2021-2022

Many people are very worried about the admission of class XI 2021-2022 (HSC College Admission 2021). There is nothing to worry about college admissions There are some college admissions guidelines that you can read thoroughly to determine the college of your choice. On our website you will find all the information of Class XI Admission Notification 2021. We are constantly updating all the information on our website. From here you will get all these updates like admission notification, admission results, admission date, schedule.

Class XI Admission 2021 Online Process

The notification of Class XI Admission 2021-2022 (HSC College Admission 2021) is given below. If you are a student who wants to be admitted in class XI, then complete the following notification and from there you will understand how to apply for admission in class XI 2021. You can also download the PDF. It is very important to read the entire notification below as you will be applying for class XI from online or you may face many problems in future.Top college In Dhaka 2022

Class 11 Admission Date 2021-2022

According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Education, all the students who have passed the SSC examination in 2021 will be able to participate in the 2021 college admission process. College Admission 2021-2022 process is completed online students can apply directly to us from here. Before applying for college admission 2021-2022, students must take the college admission notification 2021-2022 completely later.

Class XI Admission Circular 2021-2022

Students will get user ID and password after applying for college admission 2021-2022. They have passed SSC from the Ministry of Education on the basis of the required admission policy. This time they will be able to participate in the admission process.

Class Xi Admission 2021-2022 Helpline

Help Line(9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)












Board Help Line(9:00 AM to 5:00 PM)
01711662432 (Dhaka)
01712025354 (Dhaka)
01552327490 (Dhaka)
01815711477 (Dhaka)
01748826140 (Dhaka)
01718232313 (Dhaka)
01534294646 (Dhaka)
01676664022 (Dhaka)
01717212546 (Dhaka)
01922154640 (Dhaka)
01552320991 (Rajshahi)
01715099131 (Rajshahi)
01710828517 (Rajshahi)
01710945391 (Rajshahi)
01867457346 (Rajshahi)
01723665413 (Rajshahi)
01721663631 (Rajshahi)
01712141214 (Rajshahi)

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