College Admission Circular 2021-2022 [Apply Now] – HSC Admission 2022

Xi Class Admission Circular 2021-2022 has been published. In this policy published on the website, the Ministry of Education has provided all the information about the admission of XI Class 2021-2022. XI Class 2022 admission is a complex process, all the issues of the admission process should be mentioned in this policy.

 XI Class Admission Eligibility And Group Selection

The policy on eligibility for admission states that students who have passed SSC or equivalent examination under any Board of Education Bangladesh Open University in 2019, 2020, 2021 will be considered eligible for admission in class XI in any college equivalent institution in 2021-2022 academic year. Students of other years including those who have passed this year from the Open University will also be able to apply for admission.

XI Class Admision Timeline

Admission Starts: 8th January 2022

Last Date of Apply: 15th January 2022

1st Phase Result:

1st Phase Result:

1st Phase Result:

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Students who have passed the equivalent examination from a foreign board or a similar institution will be considered eligible for admission in the institution after the Board of Secondary and Higher Education Board Dhaka has determined the value of its certificate.


Group selection

  • The policy states that students who pass the science group can be admitted to any one of the science, humanities and business education groups.
  • Students who pass the humanities group can be admitted to any one of the business education groups including the humanities department.
  • Students who pass the Business Education Group will be able to enroll in either of the Business Education and Humanities groups.
  • Students who have passed the science department from the Madrasa Education Board can be admitted in any of the groups of Science, Humanities and Business Education in class XI.

Xi Class Admission Process 2021-2022


It has been mentioned in the policy that the admission process of class XI 2022 will be completely online-based. No selection or admission test will be taken for admission in the class. Class XI admission 2022 will be based on SSC or equivalent examination results only. 95 percent of seats in each college or equivalent institution will be open to all. The remaining 5 percent seats will be reserved for freedom fighters and the disabled.

  1. In the case of admission in Science Group, if the total number is the same, first the mathematics, higher mathematics and science will be taken into consideration.
  2. Any college or equivalent institution can determine the minimum eligibility for admission i.e. can set a standard bar of GPA.
  3. Advertise all admissions information on a college website or notice board.

Xi Class Admission Online Admission 2021-2022

For online admission in class XI or online application for class XI admission, one has to apply by entering the website Class XI online admission application will start from January 8, 2022. No application will be accepted for maintenance of the website every day from 11pm to 11:59 pm. That means students must refrain from applying for this one hour. Students will be able to apply online on a preference basis for a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 10 colleges or equivalent institutions, subject to an application fee of Rs. 150 / -.


You can also apply for admission in class XI from our website. By clicking on the Green Apply button, you can access the official website of the Ministry of Education for Class XI Admission and from there you can apply for Class XI.

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HSC Admission 2021 BD

After entering the website for class XI admission application, select the EIIN number, college name, SWIFT, version, group name of the least five colleges of your choice, select your board of education below the list of colleges and all the colleges included in that board of education. You will be able to know the information. All other information including the name of the college is very important at the time of application so you can keep a note of all the information of the 5 or 10 colleges that you want to apply to.


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