HSC Result 2022 Published [Today] Check Your HSC Result 2022

In this year's HSC examination 2022, students from 26,784 educational institutions participated in a total of nine boards

Recently, the Bangladesh Board of Education has set a date for the release of HSC Result  2022. Today is the day to publish the HSC Result 2022 according to the scheduled date. HSC candidates are eagerly waiting for their results. Today we will discuss HSC Exam Result 2022 . You can also visit our website to know all the details of the admission test and the results of the test along with the notification of the test for various jobs. Here we publish all the information related to education. So let us discuss the results of HSC 2022 exam in detail.

HSC Result 2022

In this year’s HSC examination 2022, students from 26,784 educational institutions participated in a total of nine boards. This time HSC examination was held in 3512 centers. And this time 16 lakh 35 thousand 240 candidates participated in HSC examination. Do not do this time because of the situation only three subjects are tested. This time HSC examination is organized on Thursday 02 December 2022 and HSC examination is running till 30th December 2022 . The HSC examination lasts for a total of 29 days.

HSC Result 2022 Check

Students have been waiting for the HSC Exam Result 2022 to be released since the exam because no one can go to the next step without the HSC exam results. Besides, the result of SSC exam is a very important part for admission in the next step. If the result of SSC examination is good, it is very easy to get a chance in a good college or university. This makes the future of the students brighter and more beautiful.

HSC Exam Result 2022

Students are very anxious to know the result of HSC examination from this morning. After today’s result students will prepare for their next step. So they are trying different ways to know the HSC Result 2022. The  HSC Exam Result 2022have been published today through the official website of the Board of Education WW.Education result.gov.bd and WW.Results.com SlashSlash. HSC candidates can know the results of their exams from these two websites. HSC candidates will also be able to know their test results via SMS on mobile. However, it is requested to use the above link to know the result of HSC examination along with the marksheet. However, today on the same day, the results of the students of all the boards were published by Saidur, so their server online became slow and it was very difficult for the students to see the results.

HSC Result 2022 Published

HSC candidates can know the results of their exams from the official website of their respective boards. This will make it easier for them to know the results of their test. They will also be able to know the test results by contacting their respective colleges. A detailed discussion of how you can know the results of your HSC exam 2022 online is published on our website. You can also visit our website to know about the various exam notifications. You can visit our website to download the result along with the test marksheet.

HSC Result System 2022

  • You need to go to this link of National Board of Education educationboardresults.gov.bd and access the website.
  • Then you have to choose the year after the exam.
  • Then select your board.
  • Then submit your roll number and register number.
  • Then add the number given on the website
  • At the end of all click on the Submit option.
  • If the roll number, registration number are all correct then of course you will get your result. Once before submission
  • Check roll number and registration number.

All Board First 3 Letter

Mymensingh Board- Mym
Barisal Board-Bar
Chittagong Board-Chi
Comilla Board-Com
Dhaka Board-Dha
Dinajpur Board-Din
Jessore Board-Jos
Rajshahi Board-Raj
Sylhet Board-Syl
Madrasa Board-Mad
Technical Board-Tec

HSC Result Check With Mobile

You can easily view HSC exam results through any mobile in just 1 minute. See results from any operator

You need to have a balance of at least three taka for your mobile. Let’s take a look at how to view results by texting on mobile without delay.

  • To see the results, first go to the message option of the mobile and write HSC.
  • Then write the name of the first 3-digit number on your board with a space. For example: if your board is covered
  • You must enter DHA.
  • Then you have to write your roll number with a space.
  • Then you have to write the next year of your exam with a space.
  • Finally send to 16222. Example: HSC <space> DHA <space> roll number <space> exam year
  • If all the information is given correctly, you will be informed about your desired result through return SMS.

HSC Exam 2022 Pass Rate

This year more than 14 lakh students participated in HSC examination. All these students have appeared for the HSC examination on three subjects. This year each test has been completed in 1 hour 30 minutes and the full value of each test has been kept 50 instead of 100. Since only three subjects have been tested this year and the test has been completed in one hour and thirty minutes and since the full standard is 50 so it took less time to select the test results this time. That is why the Board of Education has released the results of SSC examination very soon. The results of HSC examination have been released by 12 noon today. Out of 14 lakh candidates who participated in HSC examination this time, the pass rate was 93.8%. Which is normal compared to other years. Due to the situation, not all the HSC candidates were given auto passes last year due to the situation but this year the Board of Education has taken the exams and today has released the results of the HSC exams. The side rates of different boards are given below

Dhaka Board 
Rajshahi Board
Jessore Board
Comilla Board
Chittagong Board
Barisal Board 
Sylhet Board
Dinajpur Board 
Mymensingh Board

HSC Exam 2022 Grading System

The grading system in Bangladesh is only for Class One to Class Twelve levels. So let’s find out how the grade of this year’s HSC exam has been determined.

The limit of the number obtained Point-Grade
80 -100  5.00 grade A+
70 -79  4.00 grade A
60 -69 3.50 grade A-
50 -49 3.00 grade B
40 -49  2.00 grade C
33 -39  1.00 grade D
0 -32 0.00 grade F

HSC Exam Result 2022 Board Challenge

If you feel that you have not got the desired result after getting the result of HSC exam 2022. Then you can apply for the correction of results via SMS with Teletalk Prepaid Mobile. Below is how to challenge or reconsider the board via SMS:

To apply for the test you need to go to the message option on your mobile and type RSC then space followed by the first three letters of your board name then space followed by your roll number then space followed by your subject code and send to 16222

In this case your 125 taka fee is applicable for each subject

The return SMS will inform you how much money has been deducted as application fee and a PIN number will be sent.

Then go to the message option again and type RSC followed by space followed by YES then space followed by PIN number then space followed by your contact number and send to 16200 number.

If you have trouble understanding how to apply for HSC exam, we will try to explain this in detail in the next post.

All you have to do is stay connected to our website and see regular updates. Also all kinds of educational information is given on our website. You will get all the information you need from our website. Moreover, if you are interested to know more about other details, let us know in the comments section. We will try to give you all the information. Goodbye thank you

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