HSC Subject Maping (সাবজেক্ট ম্যাপিং যেভাবে হবে)System Result 2021

Everyone is worried about how HSC Subject Mapping 2021 will be. Since the HSC exam was not taken for the required subjects, no one can give a clear explanation as to how the results of the required subjects will be given. Today’s discussion is for those students who are worried about how HSC subject mapping will be done. If you discuss about how you will know the result of SSC exam 2021 through subject mapping. HSC 2021 Subject Mapping Wise Result. HSC 2021 Subject Mapping. HSC 2021 Subject Mapping System. How will HSC 2021 be on the subject map of science department. How will the subject mapping of HSC 2021 humanities department. How to do HSC 2021 Commerce Department Subject Mapping. You can know more about the result of HSC 2021 through subject mapping.

HSC Subject Maping 2021

In case of HSC examination, results of JSC and SSC examinations will be considered during subject mapping. The results of HSC 2021 will be published with 25% marks from JSC and 75% marks from SSC. All the marks in the required subjects will be taken 25 percent from JSC and 75 percent from SSC. The final result of HSC 2021 will be published by matching the marks obtained in the required subjects with the marks obtained in the selected subjects i.e. the subjects in which the student has appeared for the examination.

HSC Exam Result Subject Maping 2021

However, not all subjects taught at JSC level are at SSC or HSC level. Although they studied science in SSC, many of them went to higher secondary to study humanities or business and changed departments. As a result, the subject of reading also changes. However, if the test is not done, the work is done considering the number of subjects related to the previous public test.

HSC Subject Maping Kivabe Hobe?

This is done by mapping the subject. Last year’s HSC and equivalent examination subjects are assessed through mapping. However, JSC, Bangla, English and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) subjects were considered as 25 per cent in JDC examination and Bangla, English and ICT subjects were fixed in HSC considering SSC and equivalent compulsory Bengali, English and ICT subjects. 75 percent.

Subject Maping Wise HSC Result 2021

However, in the comments of the Ministry of Education, the required subjects in Bengali, English, Mathematics, ICT and religion have been assessed in JSC and SSC and equivalent examinations. However, the board examination of the three divisional elections was not evaluated. In addition, there is a need to evaluate these departmental issues for higher education. But for that reason it is important to evaluate the departmental issues. And such a decision has been taken from that thought. However, when asked about the government’s decision on SSC and HSC exams, Professor SM Hafizur Rahman of the Institute of Education and Research, Dhaka University, said, “First of all, assessment through exams is good.” Things. “His advice is to have at least one paper (two papers at a time) in Bengali and English and also in mathematics.

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