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Rajshahi University Admission Circular 2023

Rajshahi University Admission Circular 2023 has already been published. Rajshahi University is one of the leading universities in Bangladesh.

Rajshahi University Admission Circular 2023

Rajshahi University Admission Circular 2023 has already been published. Rajshahi University is one of the leading universities in Bangladesh. Since Rajshahi University is a public university, you can learn about how to apply for Rajshahi University from this post. Besides, you can know about the required qualification unit department of Rajshahi University. By reading the whole post you will be able to get a clear knowledge about public universities. You can see our post in Bangla . বাংলায় দেখুন

Units Divisions
Unit A Humanities Division
Unit B Commercial Division
Unit C Science Department



 RU Eligibility Of Application


Applicant must pass SSC or equivalent in 2018 and HSC and exam in 2020


Those who have passed SSC or equivalent examination before 2016 will not be able to participate in RU admission test or are not eligible to apply.


 RU Admission Minimum Requirement

Units/Departments Requirement
Science Department(Unit-A) Candidates should have a total GPA of 6.00 including SSC and HSC examinations in 4th subject.
Humanities(Unit-B) Candidates should have a total GPA of 8.00 including SSC and HSC or equivalent in the fourth subject.
Commerce (Unit-C) Candidates should have a total GPA of 6.50 including SSC and HSC or equivalent in the fourth subject.


Students who have passed the HSC examination of 2020 from the humanities, sciences and commerce branches will be able to apply in three units A, B and C eight according to their qualifications. The branch from which the applicant has passed the HSC examination will be applicable as eligible for his / her designated branch or unit.


 RU Unit And Mark Distribution

Admission test will be held in MCQ method. 100 marks will be allotted for MCQ. In that case the total time will be 1 hour or 60 minutes. There will be negative marking in the test. For every 5 mistakes, one number will be deducted. There will be a total of 60 questions. Pass No. 40 in the admission test (conditions imposed by each unit department institute) Special quota candidates have to apply as per the instructions given online.


Conditions imposed by the Department Unit Institute Online Application Procedure Admission Test Routine and required information will be published in due course on the website of Rajshahi University

Candidates will not be able to bring any type of electronic device such as mobile phone calculator, headphone memory during the test.


 Important Dates For RU Application

Application process start date:

Application process end date:

Admission Date:

Final Exam Date:



 RU Admission Application Process

The RU admission application process is completely online based. Candidates have to download the online e-admit card by filling up the online application form. As soon as the RBI admission notification is published, you will get the link of application and PDF on our site.

We will give the details of the entire application process on our website.


RU Units And Divisions

A Unit Faculties A Unit Departments
Faculty of Arts
  1. Philosophy
  2. History
  3. English
  4. Bengali
  5. History and culture of Islam
  6. Arabic
  7. Islamic Studies
  8. Drama
  9. Music
  10. French language and literature
  11. Sanskrit
  12. Urdu
Faculty of Law
  1. Law
  2. Department of Law and Land Administration
Faculty of Social Sciences
  1. Economy
  2. Political science
  3. Social work
  4. Sociology
  5. Mass communication and journalism
  6. Information Science and Library Management
  7. Public administration
  8. Anthropology
  9. International relations
Faculty of Fine Arts
  1. Painting Oriental art and printmaking
  2. Pottery and Sculpture
  3. History of graphic design crafts and art
Institute Institute of Education and Research


 B Unit Faculty And Departments

Unit B Faculties Unit B Departments
Faculty of Business Studies
  1. Science and information systems
  2. Management Studies
  3. Marketing
  4. Finance
  5. Bank insurance
  6. Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management
Institute Institute of Business Administration

 C Unit Faculty And Departments

Unit C faculty Unit C Department
Faculty of Science
  1. Mathematics
  2. Physics
  3. Chemistry
  4. Statistics
  5. Biochemistry and life sciences
  6. Pharmacy
  7. Population Science and Human Resource Development
  8. Applied Mathematics
  9. Physical education and sports science
Faculty of Biology
  1. Psychology
  2. Botany
  3. Zoology
  4. Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
  5. Medical Psychology
  6. Microbiology
Faculty of Agriculture
  1. Agronomy and Agriculture Extension
  2. Crop Science and Technology
Faculty of Engineering
  1. Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  2. Computer Science and Engineering
  3. Information and Communication Engineering
  4. Materials Science and Engineering
  5. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Faculty of Geology
  1. Geography and Ecology
  2. Geology and Mining
Faculty of Fisheries
  1. Department of Fisheries
Veterinary and Animal Sciences
  1. Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences

Rajshahi University Admission Circular 2023



RU Admit Card Download

RU admit card not published yet. When admit card will be published will be notified as soon as possible. You can download admit card from our website.

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