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RDRS Bangladesh Microfinance Program Recruitment Circular

Applications are being accepted on behalf of the permanent citizens of Bangladesh to form a panel for recruitment and recruitment of manpower in RDRS Bangladesh’s microfinance activities. If the candidate is suitable, both men and women can apply.

Bangladesh Microfinance Program Recruitment New Circular 2021

General Responsibilities:

  1. To monitor 12 to 15 groups (landless, marginal farmers, small farmers, extremely poor and tribals), etc. through intensive practice and to manage micro-credit and savings activities among them.
  2. Forming new teams as per the rules, reorganizing the team, and recruiting new members.
  3. Create an action plan for each year and achieve that goal.
  4. Total number of members, number of indebted members, working loan status OTR, etc. are satisfactory (14375 in employee member ratio, 14340 in employee loan ratio, 904 100 in debt member ratio). Be sure about it.
  5. To ensure daily loan installment and savings collection on time and 100%.
  6. As per the routine, to be present in the scheduled team on time every day and to ensure the presence of the party members, to conduct the party meeting, the party record letter and passbook must be updated.
  7. To keep a watchful eye on the party discipline at all times, if there is any problem, to solve it immediately. To discuss other important issues including party discipline and unity, credit, and savings policies in the party meeting and to ensure their implementation. To inform the members about various developmental issues.
  8. To assist the members in income generating activities and to give them necessary advice in their implementation
  9. To deposit the money collected daily from the party to the concerned accountant (microloan) in time as per the policy.
  10. Regularly check the balance of the collection register and MB seat with the balance of the member’s passbook. If there is any discrepancy, it should be resolved immediately. To accept the necessary proposals as per the policy and distribute them subject to the approval of the appropriate authorities.
  11. To keep the member profile and all the information of the team and members properly.
  12. To select the beneficiaries for the training under the microloan program initially and to make arrangements to send them to the training center on the orders of the senior officers.
  13. To regularly monitor daily savings and loan collection activities and to keep records properly.
  14. To provide necessary assistance to internal and external observers and monitors in case of need of the organization and to assist in various survey work.
  15. To review the progress of the work by attending the weekly meeting of the branch. To provide weekly and monthly reports in a timely manner as per the directions of the authorities and the needs of the donor agencies.
  16. To assist the authorities in formulating the annual plan and budget of the branch.
  17. To be mentally ready to do any work related to the needs of the organization and to fulfill the given responsibilities properly.
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Bangladesh Microfinance Program Recruitment Circular 2021

Organization Name: RDRS Bangladesh

Educational Qualification: Undergraduate / Postgraduate

Age: Under 35 years

Salary Scale: Rs. 18,000-20,000

Place of work: Anyplace in Bangladesh

Last date of application: 18 August 2021

Rangpur Dinajpur Rural Service Job Circular 2021

Official Website:

Inexperienced persons can apply for this post. Preference will be given to those with similar work experience in microfinance activities. Preference will also be given to people who know computers.



Candidates should send along with the application form a complete CV (including mobile number), two copies of color passport photo, attested photocopy of National Identity Card and Certificate of All Educational Qualifications along with the Head (Human Resources) by 15th August 2021.


Address for sending application:

RDRS Bangladesh for applicants from different districts of Rangpur and Rajshahi divisions, Jail Road, Radhaballab, Rangpur, and for applicants from other districts of Bangladesh except for Rangpur and Rajshahi divisions RDRS Bangladesh Bari No. 43, Road No. 10, Sector No. 6, Uttara Dhaka. The name of the post must be clearly written on the envelope.1

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