Today’s Load Shedding Schedule (All Division) 2022

Pallibiddut Load Shedding Schedule: We bring today’s article on Pallibiddut load shedding schedule. We are all going through very difficult times. Without electricity, it becomes difficult to carry out the normal activities of daily life. Still, if we know when load shedding will happen then we can complete our work according to that time.

So today we have brought for you the time of load shedding at different times in different parts of the country. You can know all the details about load shedding from here. So without delay let’s check out our today’s article where we will discuss today’s load shedding times.

Pallibiddut Load Shedding Schedule 2022

Loadshedding is going on for about three to four hours every day at different places across the country. Everyone is getting fed up due to load shedding. Daily life is disrupted due to a lack of electricity. In such a bad time we have to take important steps to survive. Like we need to know when there will be no electricity. That’s why you must read our complete article to know in detail during today’s load shedding.

Rajshahi Load Shedding Time as per Pallibiddut Load Shedding Schedule

Everyone who lives in Rajshahi knows that Rajshahi gets very hot. And if there is no electricity then the condition of the Rajshahi people will be very bad. First of all, you need to know when load-shedding will occur in Rajshahi throughout the day and take advance steps accordingly. This problem can be overcome with little planning. So let’s know the schedule of load shedding in Rajshahi.

আজকের লোডশেডিং সিডিউল

Dhaka Load Shedding Time as per Pallibiddut Load Shedding Schedule

As we know, about three crore people live in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh and all of them have employment there. Just as daily life is disrupted due to the non-availability of electricity, work life is also under threat. If you know the schedule of load shedding and manage the jobs with a little planning and go accordingly, it may be possible to overcome this suffering. Let’s see the schedule of load shedding in Dhaka in detail.

পল্লী বিদ্যুৎ লোডশেডিং সিডিউল

Khulna Chittagong Rangpur Mymensingh Barisal Sylhet Load Shedding Time

If you want to know when load shedding is happening in Khulna Chittagong Rangpur Mymensingh Barisal Sylhet cities then you have come to the right place. Because for you we have brought detailed information about load shedding in Jessore, Khulna, Chittagong, Rangpur, Mymensingh, Barisal, Sylhet, when, and where. After completing this article you will know where load-shedding is happening in Bangladesh. Know the schedule and do some planning to meet the daily tasks and help others get to know each other.

Pollibiddut Loadshedding Schedule 2022

You all know that load shedding is happening all over Bangladesh for a long time every day due to the shortage of gas in the country. In today’s world, we depend on electricity for almost everything. So in such a situation if there is no electricity then the only solution to all the problems we face is to complete our daily tasks before load shedding occurs. So let’s know the Ni Palli Vidyut Loadshedding Schedule and work accordingly.

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What To Do In Load Sheading Time

  • First, you need to know when load shedding will happen in your area.
  • Those who have a submersible pump in their house should raise the water sufficiently before the load shedding time starts.
  • Keep your mobile or any device you use fully charged.
  • Those who use the charger fan must keep the fan charged.
  • Complete those tasks which would be difficult to do without electricity. For example blender work, electric stove work, computer work, wifi work, water tank full filling, etc.
  • As it is a hot day, keep all the windows and doors of the house open during load shedding.
  • During load shedding, the body will feel hot and sweaty. So drink more water and remove body sweat.
  • If you have small children at home, they will be upset if there is no electricity. So you can play indoor games with them during load shedding time. By doing this, children’s mentality will be right.
  • Since there will be load shedding for most of the day, be sure to keep the food in the refrigerator low and avoid opening the refrigerator too often. This will keep your stored food cold for a long time even if there is no electricity.
  • If there is a lot of work at home then divide the work among the family so that your work is done while there is electricity.


Load Shedding Time Indoor Games We Can Play

Nowadays most of our entertainment time is spent on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or watching television. If there is no electricity, their usage time will decrease. Then we can sit inside the house and play some sports to keep our minds in good shape. Like Ludu, Keram, Chess, Song Koli etc. Apart from this, there are many other games like playing with a notebook pen which we have played since childhood. You can try them and refresh your childhood memories.

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