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Union Health Community Center circular 2021

Recruitment circular 2021 has been published in Union, Upazila, or Thana Health Center. All interested candidates, male and female, can apply. Women and children

Some skilled women and men who are interested in working in healthcare for welfare will be recruited. District, Upazila Thana, Union, and Ward-based women and men who want to work without any conditions can apply for the following posts. You can also bookmark our website to get various government and private jobs and more information.


Work of Union Health Community Clinic


Union health community clinics usually provide free maternal and child health, family planning, etc. services at the rural level. Also gives various health advice to rural people. They provide various services including home remedies, free essential medicines, and services to pregnant mothers.


The services that the Union Health Community Clinic provides to mothers and children are –

  1. Pregnancy services,
  2. postnatal services,
  3. MR services
  4. General patient services
  5. Services for children under the age of five
  6. Sexually transmitted diseases services
  7. Distribution of vitamin A capsules etc
  8. Union Health Community Clinic Family Planning Services
  9. Providing family planning advice
  10. Free diet pills, birth control injections, etc.

Union Health Community Center circular

The Union Health Community Clinic also provides general patient care, adolescent care, and health education services. The Union Health Community Clinic assists in transporting patients to improved locations subject to the provision of various services.


Union Health Community Clinics play an important role in creating health awareness and health awareness among the rural people. At different times of the year, community clinics are coming to the doorsteps of the people with various activities.

People from different districts of Bangladesh who want to get a job in a great job like healthcare can apply for all these positions.




Job type: Private

Districts: All districts of Bangladesh

Organization: Union Health Community Center

Number of posts: 06

Number of vacancies: 698

Age: Indefinite

Educational Qualification: JSC – Honors

Last date of application: 12 August 2021

Means of application: Online

Official website:


Women and men from different districts and upazilas of the country are being invited to apply for the implementation of health care nutrition, maternal and child health, family planning activities, etc. in different districts, upazilas and unions of the country through the Union Health Community Center.


 How to apply Union Health Community Center


Interested candidates are asked to send full CV (including mobile number and position name), 1 copy passport size photo by 12-06-2021 only on the mentioned website. Candidates will be trained and placed in their respective areas of work. All candidates will be provided accidental health insurance and medical allowance.



The posts that are being recruited in the Union Health Community Center are: –

Position Name: Upazila Officer

Number of vacancies: 110

Educational Qualification: BA / Equivalent

Salary scale: 30,500 /-

Position Name: Community Manager

Number of vacancies: 95

Educational Qualification: BA / Equivalent

Salary scale: 26,500 /-

Position Name: Unit Officer

Number of vacancies: 90

Educational Qualification: HSC / Equivalent

Salary scale: 26,500 /-

Position Name: Field Supervisor

Number of vacancies: 118

Educational Qualification: HSC / SSC

Salary scale: 24,500 /-

Position Name: Union Officer

Number of vacant posts: 138

Educational Qualification: SSC / Equivalent

Salary scale: 21,000/-

Position Name: Health Worker

Number of vacant posts: 148

Educational Qualification: SSC / class right

Salary scale: 19,000/-



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