Barisal Board HSC 2022 Result With Full Mark Sheet

Barisal Boards HSC result for 2022 has been published. Through our website, you will be able to know how to get your result with a full mark sheet.

Barisal Board HSC 2022 Result With Full Mark Sheet

Barisal Boards HSC result for 2022 has been published. Through our website, you will be able to know how to get your result with a full mark sheet. Every year when the results come out, the servers of the website are down for about 4-5 hours. This is because at the same time millions of students enter the site together to get the result. That is why the server of the website is down. As soon as the results are published, the students of all the boards are waiting for the results with great interest. From our website you can find out how you can get your result very quickly. Here are five ways you can get this result very quickly and with a full mark sheet. Barisal Board HSC 2022 Result With Full Mark Sheet

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The Information That Is Needed To See The Result 

Correct Roll Number Registration Number The EIIN Number of the institute should be given as required. If you give the wrong information, the result will not be seen. Therefore, before entering the website or App or sending a message you should check the correct Roll number, Registration number, and Institute EIIN Number from your Admit Card. 

1. Your Roll number.
2. Your Registration number(Optional).
3. Your Education Board name.
4. Your education board first three letters. 
5. Institute EIIN number.

The result can be viewed through two websites: the Board of Education, one app, and SMS. 

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Barisal Board HSC 2022 Results By SMS 

It may be a little late to get results through the SMS process or sending messages as million of students message at the same time. Once the message is sent, wait a while and then try again if no reply is received. Messaging does not require any kind of internet connection or smartphone. you will get results from any phone or any mobile operator through messaging process. Every time you send a message, your cost will be 2.55 taka including VAT.

1. Go to your mobile phone” Message” option 
2. Type ” HSC<SPACE> First three letters of your education board(In Capital)
3. After then give a  <SPACE>HSC Roll<SPACE>Exam Year. 
4. Finally Send it to 16222

 For Barisal Board 


Send it to 16222 

Example: “HSC BAR 1234567 2022” 

Send it to 16222 

HSC Result 2022 Barisal Board 

EducatonBoardResult.gov.bd is one of the two official websites. All you need is a Roll Number to get results through the websites. First of all, you will try to get the results from the site with your Roll Number. There is a box for Registration but it is optional However if the server is jammed due to publication on the site, you can follow the other method. 

1. Open any browser and type EducationBoardResult.gov.bd 
2. Choose HSC/Alim/Equivalent 
3. Select  Barisal Board 
4. Choose Individual Result 
5. Enter your Roll Number 
6. Enter your Registration Number[Optional] 
7. Correctly enter the captcha code 
8. Click the “Get Result” Button 

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Barisal Board HSC 2022 Result From eboardresult.com 

From this method, you need to fill up Eight boxes here with the correct information. 

1. Open any browser and type eboardresult.com or Click Here
2. Examination: Choose HSC/Alim/Equivalent
3. Year: Choose year as 2022
4. Board: Choose board as Barisal
5. Result Type: Individual Result
6. Roll: Enter your Roll Number
7. Registration: Enter your Registration Number
8. Captcha Check: Enter four-digit code you see in the screen but curved(If you do not understand the captcha code, Press reload button
9. Click the “Get Result” button

What is BDIX

Barisal Board HSC 2022 Result From BD Result App 

Install the BD Result App from the play store and enter the app. Make sure your data connection is on. 

In this app, you will see four boxes. You need to fill up all of the boxes with correct information. 

1. Open the App 
2. Click the “View Results” button 
3. Examination: Choose HSC/Alim/Equivalent 
4. Board: Choose your education board as Barisal 
5. Year: Choose year as 2022 
6. Roll: Enter your Roll Number 
7. Click the ‘Submit” button 

HSC Result 2022 Marksheet With Number Barisal Board

1. Go to the link: mail.educationboard.gov.bd/web 
2. Select Barisal [Your board name] 
3. Enter Your Institute EIIN Number 
4. Select result type 
5. Click get “Institute Result” button 

HSC 2022 Barishal Board Pass Rate 

So far this year the pass percentage of the Sylhet Board has not been published. You can find out the percentage by our side here along with the percentage expression. As well as the percentage expression of the whole country. 

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