Top 10 places in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is our green land of natural beauty. There are many places to visit in this country. Which cannot be counted. From Teknaf, the beginning of Bangladesh, to Tetulia, the end of Bangladesh, there is mind-blowing natural beauty.

Top 10 places in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is our green land of natural beauty. There are many places to visit in this country. Which cannot be counted. From Teknaf, the beginning of Bangladesh, to Tetulia, the end of Bangladesh, there is mind-blowing natural beauty. Which is bound to impress you. People from the far corners of the world rush to see this beauty. In this post we have discussed about top 10 places to visit in Bangladesh.

List of top ten places in Bangladesh

1. Saint Martin
2. Cox’s Bazar
3. Sundarbans
4. Sajek
5. Ratargul
6. Nafakum
7. Nijhum Island
8. Tanguare Haor
9. Bangabandhu Safari Park
10. Kuakata

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Details about Top 10 places in Bangladesh

Details about Saint Martin

Place Name Saint Martin
Details Distance from Dhaka to Saint Martin. Saint Martin is the only coral island of Bangladesh which is a small island of 17 square kilometers in the southernmost part of the country’s mainland and 120 kilometers away from the district town of Cox’s Bazar. Saint Martin is also known as Coconut Jinjira in the local language. The island is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Bangladesh. Nothing is known about when the island of St. Martin was first explored by man. It was first named Jinjira by some Arab traders. Later, the name Jinjira was changed to St. Martin Island. When the island was annexed to British India in 1900 AD, the island was named St. Martin’s Island after the Deputy Commissioner of Chittagong, Martin.

Top 10 places in Bangladesh 1

Details about Cox’s Bazar

Place Name Cox’s Bazar
Details Rows of sand dunes, soft beds of sand, vast ocean ahead. Distance from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. Cox’s Bazar, the world’s largest beach, can’t be beat for vacationing. There is the roar of the blue waters. Maheshkhali, Kutubdia, Sonadia, Shahpari, St Martin have made Cox’s Bazar beautiful and attractive. You can visit Himchari and Inani Beach here. A large part of Chittagong, including Cox’s Bazar, belonged to the Arakan Kingdom until the Mughal conquest in 1616 in the early 9th century. The Mughal emperor Shah Shuja was enthralled by the natural beauty of Cox’s Bazar on his way to Arakan along the hilly road and ordered a camp to be set up here. After the Mughals Tripura and Arakan then the Udyogs and the British took control of the area. The name Cox’s Bazar is originally derived from the name of an officer of the British East India Company named Captain Hiram Cox. Cox’s Bazar Thana was first established in 1854 and the municipality was formed in 1869.

Top 10 places in Bangladesh cox-bazar

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Details about Sundarbans

Place Name Sundarbans
Details A haven of natural beauty and biodiversity, Sundarbans is a world heritage. Distance from Dhaka to Sundarbans. From any part of the country, you can directly come to Khulna city, stay at the hotel and contact the preferred tour operator to travel to the Sundarbans. Two types of biomes exist in the Sundarbans one is the freshwater wetland forest and the other is the mangrove forest. Major forest species of Sundarbans include jhamti and keora with abundant beauty. According to Prain’s calculations published in 1903, there are a total of 245 genera and 334 species of plants.

Top 10 places in Bangladesh sundarban

Details about Sajek

Place Name Sajek
Details Sajek Valley or Sajek Valley is a famous tourist spot in Sajek Union of Baghai Upazila of Rangamati District, Bangladesh. Distance from Dhaka to Sajek. Located in the very north of Rangamati, this Sajek Valley has two neighborhoods – Ruilui and Kanglak. Established in 1885, Ruilui Para is situated at an altitude of 1,720 feet.

Top 10 places in Bangladesh Sajek

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Details about Ratargul

Place Name Ratargul
Details Ratargul is located at Goainghat in Sylhet. The nightly distance from Dhaka has hundreds of hijle fruits here. Bots will also be seen occasionally, murta trees are less. This water kingdom is very strange. A tree is knee-deep in water. The ones that are a little smaller, half of their bodies are submerged in water. Somewhere you will see fishermen getting fishing nets.

Top 10 places in Bangladesh Ratargul

Details about Nafakum

Place Name Nafakum
Details Nafakum Falls is the name of the wonderful beauty of Bandarban. Distance from Dhaka to Bandarban Bandarban district is one of the three hilly districts of Bangladesh. Its position is at the top of the wish list of travelers. Thanchi is the name of the easternmost upazila of Bangladesh. An area of ​​this upazila is named Remakri.

Top 10 places in Bangladesh Nafakum

Details about Nijhum Island

Place Name Nijhum Island
Details Nijhum Island is a small island in Bangladesh. Distance from Dhaka to Nijhum Island. It belongs to Hatia upazila of Noakhali district. On April 8, 2001, the Bangladesh government declared the entire island as a national park. The former name of Nijhum Island was Char Osman, Char of Baulla, Char of Ichamati. It was called Ichamati Char as a lot of Icha fish was found in this stream. Later it was named Nijhum Island.

Top 10 places in Bangladesh Nijhum-Island

Details about Tanguar Haor

Place Name Tanguar Haor
Details Tanguar Haor is located at the foothills of Meghalaya Hills in Dharmapasha and Tahirpur Upazila of Sunamganj district. More than 30 jharas (waterfalls) from the Meghalaya hills merge into this haor. Tanguar Haor is the largest wetland in the district with an area of ​​9,727 hectares consisting of 51 haors in 18 mauzas of two upazilas. Distance from Dhaka to Tangua Haor.

Top 10 places in Bangladesh Tanguare-Haor

Details about Bangabandhu Safari Park

Place Name Bangabandhu Safari Park
Details Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park or in short Bangabandhu Safari Park is a 4909.0 acre forest land of Bara Rathura Mauza of Mauna Union under Sripur Upazila of Gazipur District of Bangladesh and Piruzali Mauza of Piruzali Union of Sadar Upazila as a safe habitat for various species of small and large animals. known The distance of Bangabandhu Safari Park from Dhaka is 40 km. Shalban in Gazipur was historically known as the zamindari part of Bhawal Raja. After the 1950 zamindari eviction and tenancy cancellation, the management of Shalban was handed over to the Forest Department. Later it was named Safari Park.

Top 10 places in Bangladesh Bangabandhu-Safari-Park

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Details about Kuakata

Place Name Kuakata
Details Kuakata is a beach and tourist center in the southwestern region of Bangladesh. Distance from Dhaka to Kuakata. Kuakata is known as the ‘Daughter of the Sea’ to tourists. Kuakata is one of the most scenic beaches in Bangladesh with an 18 km long beach. It is the only beach in Bangladesh from where both sunrise and sunset can be seen. The name Kuakata has a history associated with the arrival of Arakanese people in this country. The word kuya comes from well. Arakanese people are believed to have settled in the region after being expelled from Burma by the Mughal rulers in the 18th century. Then they dug a lot of koyo to make up for the lack of fresh water here, hence the name Kuakata.

Top 10 places in Bangladesh Kuakata

Here are the top 10 best tourist places in Bangladesh.

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