GST Admission Circular 2022 PDF Download-GST Universities List 2022

GST Admission Circular 2022 has been published. GST authorities have officially published the GST Admission Circular 2022 on their own website today. So you will get this notification on the official website of GST and on our website. GST Admission Circular has been published for the academic year 2021-2022. Students who want to apply for GST Admission Notice can know the complete rules of application from here. We can get all the information related to GST admission Circular from here. If you want, you can download the GST admission Circular picture from here.

GST Admission Circular 2022

GST Admission Circular 2022 has been published on our website for you. GST Admission Circular is basically an integrated admission test procedure. Before 2021, all the university admission tests were taken separately. Therefore, in order to give admission test to every university, every student had to go to all the universities of Bangladesh to give admission test. Which is extremely time consuming and expensive. Thinking of all these aspects, some of the reputed universities of Bangladesh have come together and given the opportunity to the students to be admitted by holding a single examination. It saves students time and money. After canceling the previous appointment, 20 universities all over Bangladesh came together and conducted the admission process together. This test is done all over Bangladesh on the same question paper. A total of 20 universities are covered under this integrated admission test. Of these, 10 universities are science and technology universities.

GST Universities List 2022

A total of 20 universities in Bangladesh are included in the GSP admission test. Of these, 10 are general universities and ten are science and technology universities. We have listed here the names of the 20 universities covered by GST. Then you can see at a glance which universities are under GST.




GST Admission Circular 2022 PDF Download

If you are interested in participating in the GST Admission Test, then you must be looking for GST Admission Circular 2022. GST Admission Circular 2022 has already been published. If you want you can download GST Admission Circular 2022 PDF from here. Before applying for GST Admission Circular 2022, you must read the admission Circular very well. For this reason, you must download GST Admission Circular 2022 PDF. You can download the PDF by clicking on the download option below.

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GST Admission Information 2022

You have to apply for GST admission test in two steps. First you need to make an initial application. Then you have to make a final application. When you first make an initial application then the GST authorities will publish a list of students selected from the rough application. Students who pass the preliminary merit list of the GST admission test will be able to apply for the final test later. We have given below all the information on how to apply for GST Admission Test. You can read the complete information well and then apply online. Hopefully our efforts will help you to apply for GST admission.




GST Admission Time 2022

After the initial application, you have to wait for some time to get the list of students who have passed the initial application. The results of the initial application will be published on the basis of a student’s SSC and HSC results. Note that no test will be held after the initial application. Once the initial application is completed, the GST Authority will publish the preliminary merit list, after which you will be able to re-apply.

GST Admission Time 2022

Online application start date :1 April 2022
Application deadline :15 April 2022
Date of publication of list of eligible candidates: 23 April 2022
Final application start date:24th April 2022
Last date for final application: 20th May 2022
Application fee: 500 taka
Admit Card Download Date:1st June to 10th June 2022
Admit card download link

Date of GST admission test:

GST admission test venue has not been announced yet

Only those students whose names appear in the list of results of the initial application will be able to participate in the examination by making final application.

Eligibility for GST Admission Test

Group Exam GPA
Science [SSC + HSC] 8.00
Humanities [SSC + HSC]  7.50
Commerce  [SSC + HSC]  7.00

For Science Group: Minimum GPA 8.00 in their SSC and HSC exams
For Business Group: Minimum GPA of 7.50 in their SSC and HSC exams
For Humanities: Minimum GPA 7.00 in their SSC and HSC exams

GST Question Pattern and Mark Distribution 2022

For GST admission test, students have to answer 100 MCQ on time. Mark distribution will be different for each group (science, commerce, humanities). In the GST Admission Notice, the mark distribution will be explained more briefly.

Science Group

Humanities Group

 Commerce Group

Physics: 20
Chemistry: 20
English: 10
Bengali: 10
For Elective Subjects (Anyone): Biology: 20
Mathematics: 20

Bengali: 40

English: 35

ICT: 25

Business Management: 25

Language (Bangla + English): (13 + 12) = 25
ICT: 25

GST Online Application System 2022

Application for GST admission test can be done online. We have mentioned below how a student can apply for the GST Admission Test online. You should read the GST Admission Application Process 2022 very carefully and apply accordingly. Hopefully our application process rules will help you to apply for GST Admission Test.

How to apply GST Admission 2022

  • See the official website ( indicated in the GST Admission Notification
  • Click the “Apply” button
  • Now fill in the required information in the form
  • Now upload your color photo and signature
  • Now, after completing each segment, click on the “Submit” button

GST Admission Result 2022

Admission results are published within a few days after the GST admission test is held. After the admission test, all the students are eagerly waiting for the admission test. As soon as the results of GST Admission Test 2022 are published, we will publish it on our website. You can view the GST Admission Results 2022 from here.

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