Year change of National University honour’s student by assignment.


Promotion through assignment of 1st year students of National University


All the 1st year students of the National University will be given promotion in the next year through assignment, said the new Vice Chancellor of the National University, Professor Mashiur Rahman. He said all our students will be proficient online.

All students of Degree 1st and Honors 1st year will be assessed through assignment and promotion will be given in 2nd year.
Whether it will be beneficial for the students or it will have an adverse effect on the students will be understood later when their working life comes. Different doctrines are emerging about this, but the students have welcomed the announcement or the move.

Many people think that this will reduce the filth of their session. Many people know that session jam has a very negative effect on a student. The students have been under house arrest for almost two years.
Only those who successfully complete this assignment will be promoted to the next year and all students will have the condition that they must pass all courses within the academic year.

In addition, Degree 2nd, 3rd and Honors 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students will be picked up in the next year through direct examination.

Mashiur Rahman also said that all adult students should take the test while maintaining physical distance.
VC Professor Mashiur Rahman said that the data of about 1000 college students has already been collected. So even if it is not possible to vaccinate everyone, education activities will be continued.

When does the exam start?

Exact comment on when the Honors Main Exam will start has not been heard so far. However, many are speculating that the National University will take a decision after June 13. Shortly before the first lockdown, Honors was closed for lockdown after taking a number of final year exams. Subsequently the test was completely suspended due to the ongoing lockdown. You can always search this site to find out when the test will start again.

Since students are suspended for 2 years in one year. we can pass them in the next year through assignment. The Vice Chancellor of the National University made these remarks on a private television channel today.

He said a new revised routine for the suspended examination would be released soon.


How are the students doing in Coronal period

Students have so far gone through a process of institutional study. But since the beginning of the Corona period, the whole phase of their studies. Students cannot concentrate on their studies properly. Many are confused about their future. Students, especially from poor and middle class families, have suffered a lot during this time. Most of them have gone into different professions. They shouldn’t sit around doing anything else.

They are trying to earn money by engaging in various professions. However, all the students have applauded the initiative of the Vice Chancellor of the National University. Especially the first, second, third and fourth year students of the National University are now optimistic. The second, third and fourth year students are hoping that after the first year, they too will be promoted to the next class through online examination. This will largely allay fears about their future.

The approach taken by the Vice Chancellor of the National University means that the idea of ​​opening a university is really commendable

According to the VC, the National University has collected information from about 1000 college students and is thinking of vaccinating all the students by arranging their vaccinations. Gradually this vaccination process will be spread to all colleges across Bangladesh as soon as possible.

What the Vice Chancellor of the National University said

The VC said that the first year students will be promoted to the second year by taking the exam through assignment. However, many students feel that their assessment would have been much better if they could have taken the exam online without taking asssignments.

Now everyone at home will write the assignment at their own pace. Then submit it but if the online test is taken then at least there will be an opportunity to supervise in front of the teacher

More: www.nu.edu.bd

Teachers think that they will conduct their work according to the decision of the National University. If they want to complete the exam through National University Assignment . Then that will be it and if they want to do it through online exam then they are ready for that too.

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