Top 10 Famous Places in Bangladesh [See Details]

Top 10 Famous Places in Bangladesh: We have many beautiful and famous places to visit in Bangladesh. Many of us know about this. In Bangladesh, there is a crowd of tourists all year round in those famous sightseeing places. Those who love traveling can definitely visit these places. People from different parts of the world rush to see these famous places. To be honest, these places have become so famous in Bangladesh due to the high popularity of people. Today in this report we will tell you about the top 10 famous places in Bangladesh.

Top 10 Famous Places in Bangladesh 01 – Sundarbans

Sundarban is the largest forest in Bangladesh. The natural beauty and biodiversity of the forest is the world heritage of our Sundarbans. Sundarbans is called “World Heritage”. All my dear friends, if anyone wants to visit the Sundarbans, then from any part of the country, you can go to the hotel in Khulna and contact the tour guide or tour operator of your choice and come out to the Sundarbans. This Sundarban of our Bangladesh has been placed in the world record.

Tigers, deer, lions, rhinoceros, leopards, different types of birds, different types of plants and foliage of our Sundarbans. There is a lot of demand for the wood of different types of trees such as Mahogany, Teak, Sundari, Gorjan etc. in our country. People prefer to make home furniture with these woods because these woods are very durable and strong. There are many natural monuments here.

Top 10 Famous Places in Bangladesh 01 - Sundarbans

The natural environment there is so beautiful that when you go there, the calls of many kinds of birds, the chirping of forest animals and the large trees surrounded by various types of vine leaves do not take a moment to make people cry. Sundarbans is one of the 10 famous places in our country.

Top 10 Famous Places in Bangladesh 02 – Cox’s Bazar sea-beach

Cox’s Bazar is one of the 10 famous places in Bangladesh. Soft sand, rows of forests and a huge beach in front. Maheshkhali, Kutubdia, Sonadia, Shahpari, St. Martin places have made Cox’s Bazar more popular and attractive. The blue waters of the sea and the call of that huge beach make people more happy to go there. Cox’s Bazar is one of the most popular tourist areas in Bangladesh.

Top 10 Famous Places in Bangladesh 02 - Cox's Bazar sea-beach

Himchari and Inani Beach are two more places to visit in Cox’s Bazar. These places are very popular for the people of our country. Many people of Bangladesh visit these places during winter holidays. Cox’s Bazar is one of the most popular places in Bangladesh due to people’s love for these places.

Sunrise and sunset at Cox’s Bazar beach are from the same direction. Blue water of Cox’s Bazar beach, watching water waves, a very beautiful place to walk around. The environment here is very pleasant. Apart from these for tourists, there are shops selling bags, sarees, clothes, shoes, various types of cosmetics etc. There are also different types of Burmese pickles, chutneys, many types of chocolates.

Also, there are various handicrafts made by local people with beads which are very beautiful to look at. These things catch people’s eyes in such a way that they cannot afford not to buy them.

So every year people from different parts of Bangladesh go there for vacation. Not only Bangladesh but people from many parts of the world come to see this charming beach of Bangladesh.

Top 10 Famous Places in Bangladesh 03 – Saint Martin Sea Island

Saint Martin is one of the top 10 famous tourist places in Bangladesh. Saint Martin is a coral island of Bangladesh. This coral island is in the southernmost part of Bangladesh and is 120 kilometers away from Cox’s Bazar district, a small island of 17 square kilometers. The local people there also call the island of St. Martin as Coconut Jinjira. This island with more natural beauty has impressed with its own beauty in such a way that St. Martin has occupied a place among the 10 famous places of Bangladesh.

Top 10 Famous Places in Bangladesh 03 - Saint Martin Sea Island

This famous place is so popular not only in the country but also among the people outside the country that every year many people from outside the country come to visit this place. This charming environment of the sea makes people’s hearts more encouraged to travel. This coral island is also known as the delta of Bangladesh. The incredible beauty of Saint Martin fascinates people. How beautiful to see the blue water of the sea around Saint Martin. Many people come here to travel because of how mind-blowing it is.

Top 10 Famous Places in Bangladesh 04 – Sajek Valley

Sajek Valley is also among the top 10 popular places in Bangladesh. This valley is located in Rangamati district. It is a popular tourist spot in Sajek Union of Baghai Upazila of Rangamati District. This valley is located in the north of Rangamati district. There are two neighborhoods in this valley. One is Ruilui and the other is Kanglar. Ruilui Para is situated at an altitude of 1,720 feet. It was established in 1885.

Top 10 Famous Places in Bangladesh 04 - Sajek Valley

The natural beauty of this valley makes people mesmerized. Forced to travel there. Situated at an altitude of 1,720 feet, the neighborhood doubles the beauty of the 2 valleys.

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Top 10 Famous Places in Bangladesh 05 – Ratargul of Rangamati

Ratargul place is one of the famous 10 places of our country. The place called Ratargul in our country is located in a place called Goainghat in Sylhet. The specialty of this place is that there are trees standing in the water. And the trees standing in the water are holding hundreds of hijle fruits. Among the trees, some banyan trees can be seen but there are few dead trees among them.

Top 10 Famous Places in Bangladesh 05 - Ratargul of Rangamati

This infinite kingdom of water is very strange and natural beauty. About one third of many trees here are submerged in water. Those works are small in size, they are almost half submerged in water. As soon as you go some distance in the water there, you can see the fishermen who have put their nets for fishing. This place of natural beauty has occupied a place among the famous places of the country for being the most popular tourist spot for people.

Top 10 Famous Places in Bangladesh 06 – Kuakata Sea-Beach

Kuakata is a beach in the southwestern part of our country. A local tourist center of Bangladesh. Kuakata is one of the places to visit for all the tourists in Bangladesh. This Kuakata beach is also called “Sagarkanya”. Kuakata Beach is one of the most scenic beaches in Bangladesh. This beach has a length of 18 km. It is one of the beaches of Bangladesh from where both sunrise and sunset can be seen.

Top 10 Famous Places in Bangladesh 06 - Kuakata Sea-Beach

Kuakata beach is one of the famous tourist centers of Bangladesh. Among the famous 10 popular places in Bangladesh, the relationship is a place. Every year there is a rush of tourists in one season.

Top 10 Famous Places in Bangladesh 07 – Tanguar Haor of Sunamganj

Tanguar Haor of Sunamganj is located at the foot of the Meghalaya Hills. It is located in Dharmapasha and Tahirpur upazilas of Sunamganj district. More than 30 springs come from Meghalaya hills and merge in this haor. Tanguar Haor has an area of ​​9,727 hectares by combining 51 haors of 18 maujs of the two upazilas.


It is the largest wetland in this district. At present Haor is known as one of the tourist spots. This haor of Sunamganj has a lot of reputation all over Bangladesh. Among the 10 famous places in all of Bangladesh, Tanguar Hao is one of the tourist centers.

Top 10 Famous Places in Bangladesh 08 – Gazipur Bangabandhu Safari Park

Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park was established in Gazipur district in memory of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. This park is called Bangabandhu Safari Park for short. The Bangabandhu Safari Park is a safe habitat of 4,909 once forested areas of Bara Rathura Mauza in Mauna Union of Sreepur Upazila of Gazipur District and Khand Khand Shalban of Piruzali Union of Sadar Upazila.


This park is a beautiful place to visit for young and old. As the park is self-contained for young and old, it is one of the top 10 famous places in Bangladesh.

Top 10 Famous Places in Bangladesh 09 – Nafakum Falls in Bandarban

One of the amazing waterfalls in Bangladesh is Nafakum Waterfall. Bandarban is one of the three mountainous regions of Bangladesh. The amazing Nafakum waterfall is located in Bandarban hill region. Nafakum Falls is the highlight of the trip for those who love to walk.


There is an upazila east of Bandarban called Thanchi. Remakri is the name of an area of ​​this upazila. This amazing place is one of the 10 famous travel destinations of Bangladesh.

Top 10 Famous Places in Bangladesh 10 – Nijhum Island in Noakhali

This island is located in Noakhali district. It is a very small island compared to all other islands of Bangladesh. This side is called “Nijhum Island”. This small island belongs to Hatia upazila of Noakhali district. The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh declared this island as a “National Park” on April 8, 2001.


Everyone, young and old, likes to see water and if that water is around a small island, then the fun of seeing it increases many times. This tiny island, though small, has touched people’s hearts in such a way that it is among the top ten famous tourist spots.

Dear readers, we have discussed about 10 famous places in Bangladesh in the above report. Hope you will enjoy reading the report and you will wish to go there within yourselves. Because the places are really beautiful and wonderful.

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