Why do the Clouds in the Sky Look Black Before the Rain?

Why do the clouds in the sky look black before the rain?: First of all we need to know why the clouds in the sky look black before the rain, what are the clouds? Let’s find out, what is a cloud? BBC WORD

What is a cloud?

What we usually mean by clouds is a black or gray floating water particle. Science, on the other hand, says that a cloud is an invisible crystal floating in the atmosphere of the Earth or any planetary satellite or solar system, or what is commonly referred to as a collection of water particles. Science has discussed everything on the surface of the earth very well. In the same way, science has come up with a very beautiful explanation by researching the girl.

As science says, “any visible mass attracted by the effect of a gravitational ball is called a cloud” such as a nebula. In keeping with science, we can say that a cloud is a piece of light water vapor that can float in the sky instantly. The nation has dust, coal, etc., all of them are made. All these tiny dust particles and water particles float in the sky without any snow particles. In general we call it cloud.

নাসা বিজ্ঞানীদের অর্থের যোগান কোথায় থেকে আসে জেনে নিন

The way clouds float in the sky

To know about clouds, we also need to know after clouds, why do clouds float in the sky? Or how the girl floats in the sky?

The way clouds float in the sky

We already know that water vapor is the main component of cloud water vapor sand particles. It differs from all other mixtures such as air or gas mixtures. There is technology to understand whether air or gas is heavy or thin. And the main and best way to know that is to determine the concentration of gas or gas and vapor. Generally we know that water vapor is the gaseous form of water. In this sense, we understand that once we can find the molecular mass of water, we will understand how clouds move in the sky.

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Why do the clouds in the sky look black before the rain?

Just before the rain we usually see the color of the sky is black. But do we know the reason? Why is the sky black before the rain? Such questions may arise in everyone’s mind. Today in our post we will discuss all these issues, let’s find out why the sky clouds appear black just before the rain.

Why do the clouds in the sky look black before the rain?

When we saw black clouds in the sky, we naturally did not think that rain would come in some time. In the next moment, many Bengalis noticed that the sky was covered with black clouds. Why is that? The mystery remains unknown to us? Any other time we notice the sky is white or blue, but in more angry moments we see the sky as black.

The effect of sunlight

When we see an object, its color depends on what we see or see, depending on the white light falling on the object we are looking at. Just like how we see the color of the clouds depends on the light of the sun. When white light or sunlight falls on an object, we can see the color of the object depending on which color the object can absorb from the white light or from the light of the sun.

The effect of sunlight

Depending on the color of the object, which will remain or remain after the color rule of sunlight or white light, we will see which color of the object we will see what color the object will raise in front of us.

What is the color of a cloud and why

Clouds white or gray?

Normally when we see a thin cloud then a large part of the light or sunlight is reflected through it then we understand that the cloud is white. However, if it is reflected on an object, then how much light will be reflected or how much light will enter through it depends on the density of the object. Clouds As the thickness of the clouds increases the light is less reflected or may penetrate inside it. As the girl grows taller, her bottom becomes darker and we see the light reflected through her as gray.

What are the colors of the clouds?

What are the colors of the clouds?

The color of the clouds is revealed by the reflection of light through the clouds which is made from bright white to almost black. Clouds are almost blue-gray when sunlight reflects water particles silver.

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Why do the clouds in the sky look black before the rain?

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