How to Fix Ads Limit on Google AdSense

At present, most of us bloggers sometimes face the problem of Adsense ads limit. So through today's post we will know how to fix adsense ads limit, why adsense ad limit, what is the solution. You can also know more about the reasons for Ad Limit. And what you need to do to ensure that your AdSense never faces Ad Limit problem.

How to Fix Ads Limit on Google AdSense

Dear Eduinfobd Readers. How are you all? Hope everyone is doing well. At present, most of us bloggers sometimes face the problem of Adsense ads limit. So through today’s post we will know how to fix adsense ads limit, why adsense ad limit, what is the solution. You can also know more about the reasons for Ad Limit. And what you need to do to ensure that your AdSense never faces Ad Limit problem. So without wasting time let’s start today’s post. How to Fix Ads Limit on Google AdSense see in Bangla


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What is the Ad Limit of Google Adsense?

Ad limit in Google AdSense account is a type of problem due to which Google ads stop showing on websites associated with AdSense. Ads limit shows very few ads on the website. Due to Ads Limit, the income from Google AdSense on your website is also reduced. How to Fix Ads Limit on Google AdSense

How do you understand that you are in the problem of Ads limit?


If Google gives you an ad limit, you will see a notification in your Adsense account saying Ad serving has been limitAd. Along with this, Google will also send an Ad Limit mail to your Gmail ID. When Google sees Invalid Traffic on your website or notices any Invalid Activity on your website, Google imposes Google Ad Limit on your Adsense ID.

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Reasons for Ads Limit in Google AdSense

The main main reasons for getting Ad Limit in AdSense account are,

1. Protecting Adsense from fraud.
2. Protecting a user from a bad user experience.
3. Google always wants publishers to ensure that no clicks on their ads are misdirected.
4. Clicks must come from the user’s interest or self-will.

You must be aware that advertisers place ads on Google to promote their businesses. For which they have to pay Google for each click. In such a situation, if fake clicks are received on the merchant’s ad from Google, then the advertiser will suffer. To protect the advertiser from this loss, Google imposes Ad Limit on Invalid Activity. How to Fix Ads Limit on Google AdSense

Types of Ads Limits on Google AdSense

After using Ad Limit in AdSense account, when you check their policy, you will see the reason for Ad Limit there. Currently there are 2 types of ad limit from Google. The ad limits are,

Number 1

Account Being Accessed

Ad limits may appear on your account when Google checks the quality of your website traffic. Often this Ad Limit does not specify a specific time. Google basically constantly checks the traffic quality of the website. Google automatically removes Ad Limit if everything goes well. Usually account access problem occurs more in new adsense account. This is because, as soon as new bloggers get Adsense aprove, they place many ads on their site with zero or very little traffic. Sometimes due to Invalid Activity this Ad Limit can also come in old adsense account.

Number 2

Invalid Traffic

Invalid Traffic is one of the main Ad Limits of Google AdSense. This Ad Limit can be applied to almost all Adsense accounts. When Google finds invalid traffic on your website, Google reduces the amount of ads on your website.

Invalid traffic can have many causes, which we will discuss in a later post.

How to remove Ads limit on Google AdSense


During the Ad Limit period, Google reviews the Ad Limit of the website. Along with this, Google also monitors the traffic coming to the website. When Google thinks everything is right, Ad Limit is removed. In case of Invalid Traffic, Google usually removes Ad Limit within 30 days. But in some cases it lasts for a few more days. How to Fix Ads Limit on Google AdSense

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Basically what is Invalid Traffic?

Google imposes ad limits on many sites despite 80 to 90 percent organic traffic. Google usually doesn’t explain why ad limits are imposed in such situations. In all cases where invalid traffic is received,

1. When most of the traffic to your site comes from social media, Google counts it as Invalid Traffic.
2. You can drive traffic from social media if you wish. But according to Google rules, most of your traffic should come from search results.
3. If 70 percent of your site traffic is organic and 30 percent social, then Google does not have any problem in this case. And invalid traffic doesn’t count either.
4. If you have sent or tried to send paid traffic to the website from Facebook Ads or Google Ads, then Google covers the case as invalid traffic.
5. Invalid limit is calculated when you click on your own ad or generate an impression.
6. If the same user repeatedly clicks your ad or tries to generate impressions, the Invalid limit will be calculated.
7. Invalid limit will be calculated if the advertisement is clicked using third party tools to send bot traffic to the website or increase Adsense income.
8. Invalid limit will be calculated if a user is encouraged to click on the ad repeatedly.

The mentioned reasons fall under Google’s Invalid Traffic. If you use any of the mentioned methods to increase adsense income, you will fall under Invalid limit. You should not follow the mentioned reasons. Because if your Adsense account remains Invalid Traffic for a long time, the possibility of Adsense Disable increases.

Ads Limit Removal Rules

By reading the post till now you must have understood what Ad Limit is and why. Now we will know the complete process of removing adsense ad limit. 99% Ad Limit removal is possible by following the mentioned strategy.

Step 1

Check website traffic

1. As soon as Ad Limit comes to your site, you need to open Google Analytics first.
2. You need to notice where your traffic is coming from.
3. Check the percentage of organic traffic coming to your website, percentage of social traffic and percentage of other traffic.
4. Through Google Analytics, you can know whether any invalid traffic is coming to your site or not.

Step 2

Remove all ads code

1. After checking blog traffic, now you need to remove all ad code. That means all manual ads placed on your site should be removed. Because many times due to bad Ad Placement Google imposes Ad Limit.
2. If the post published on your site is 300 to 500 words then you have to place maximum 3 ads in it. Can’t give more than that.
3. Never remove the AdSense code, Ads.txt, from the site heading. Such a mistake should not be made.
4. If you remove AdSense code and Ads.txt, it will take a long time for your ad limit to be removed.
5. If you remove Ad Limit and re-add AdSense code and Ads.txt to the website, you will get Ad Limit message again immediately. For that you only need to remove the ad code. Nothing more than that.

Step 3

Turn on Auto Ads on Google AdSense

1. After removing manual add, you need to enable auto ads on your website.
2. Be sure to keep the ad load low.
3. If your website has zero traffic or less than 100 pageviews per day then you need to turn off auto ads.
4. If your site gets more than 100 pageviews per day then you need to turn on auto add option. Through this, adsense impressions will start gradually.

Step 4

Increase organic traffic to the website

1. ads limit is actually what you need to bring organic traffic to your website.
2. Work with low competition keywords for organic traffic.
3. Write good quality content.
4. Publish content regularly on the site.
5. When organic traffic to your site increases, it won’t take long for Ad Limit to be removed.

Step 5

Wait a few days

1. After following the above mentioned steps you have to wait for few days.
2. Google will remove the Ad Limit from your Adsense account within a maximum of one month. And will inform you through notification.
3. Ads will continue to appear on your website once the ad limit is removed.

Ways to Avoid Ad Limit on Google AdSense


To avoid Ads Limit, you can follow the following points,

1. If your website has more than 300 pageviews per day then you should use ads on your website. Otherwise do not use ads.
2. Enable auto add option only if your website has about 1000 regular visitors per day.
3. If the website has more than two thousand regular visitors, use manual add.
4. Try to drive more real time traffic to the site.
5. Publish good quality content/posts regularly.
6. Don’t repeatedly view the ad displayed on your own site and never click on the ad.
7. You can use plugins in your WordPress to avoid Invalid Click.
8. Place the ad according to the length of the post on the site.
9. If your website post is 500 words, use 3 ads. Not more.
10. If your post is more than 1000 words, use more than 3 ads.
11. Do not use any other ad network with AdSense. Google Adsense does not support this.
12. Never publish any content on the website that is against AdSense policy.
13. Do not use Adsense ad code on websites that are not Ad Senses approved.
14. Avoid linking your Adsense account with other Adsense accounts.
15. Connect your website to CloudFlare to protect against bot traffic and invalid activity.

Here are some top tips. We hope that if you follow the mentioned rules, you will never have problems with Ad Limit on your site.

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Google AdSense Ad limit removal period

According to Google, Ad Limit is usually not given for more than 30 days. However, in some situations it may take more than 30 days for the ad limit to be removed.

So far today. Hope you will benefit from this post. Thank you.

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