What is LSI Keyword?

If you want to know all the answers to LSI keyword related questions, then read the post till the end. In this post we will try to give you complete information about LSI keywords. Hope this post will be useful for you.

Dear Eduinfobd Readers. How are you all? We hope you are all very well. If you are starting SEO for blogging, you must have heard or know about LSI keywords. But not many of us know what LSI keywords are and how LSI keywords are used. Today we will discuss what is LSI keyword, how it works, how you find LSI keywords, advantages, disadvantages of LSI keywords. So without delay let’s start discussing the main topic.

What is LSI Keyword?

If you want to know all the answers to LSI keyword related questions, then read the post till the end. In this post we will try to give you complete information about LSI keywords. Hope this post will be useful for you.
LSI keyword means Latent Semantic Indexing.
LSI keywords are basically word-based keywords that are related to the focus keywords of an article or post. Using the LSI keyword makes an article or post SEO friendly and is also used to rank the website. Read this post in bangla


LSI keyword is used in all works

If you are using LSI keywords along with focus keywords in your article or post, then your article or post should be SEO good as well as user friendly. If you use LSI keywords, you will get rid of problems like keyword stuffing. And your user experience will also improve. Search engines like Google are constantly working to improve their user experience. Apart from Google, all search engines work to ensure that any searcher gets correct and accurate information and that the user’s trust in the search engine is maintained. SEO is more advanced nowadays than any other time. Giant search engines like Google provide new updates from time to time to make their search engine better and user friendly. So things like LSI keywords are very important along with SEO.

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What is the importance of LSI keyword?

Earlier search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing could only show search queries based on keywords. But nowadays search engines have improved a lot. Now search engines try to understand the intent of people’s queries. And they try to show the best results based on all those searches. LSI keywords are related to the focus keywords of any article. The most important thing about using LSI keywords is to give search engines an idea of your article or post. Because nowadays search engines keep an eye on LSI keywords as well as main or focus keywords. Also, if you use LSI keywords, the chances of site ranking are high. Along with using SEO keywords, using LSI keywords increases the chances of increasing traffic to your site. Moreover, using LSI keywords is more likely to increase the stuffing keyword density.

Examples of LSI keywords

A simple example to understand what LSI keywords are,Imagine, you are writing an article or post with the focus keyword being Digital Marketing. Then the LSI keywords related to Digital Marketing can be, Digital Marketing Course, Digital Marketing Salary, Digital Marketing Institute, Digital Marketing Components, Digital Marketing Jobs, Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, Ways To Learn Digital Marketing etc.


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How to Select LSI Keywords


Suppose you as a user search about digital marketing on Google. Google will not understand much about what the user wants to know by just typing digital marketing in the search. In that case Google can see about digital marketing course or digital marketing or digital marketing salary. So correct LSI keyword selection is very important to get the right information.
Let’s take another example to understand LSI keywords better. If a user searches Internet Marketing on Google, then Google will show that user all the information related to Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing, Online Marketing. Because these three categories are almost the same.
With digital marketing, you can use internet marketing, online marketing in your articles or posts if you want. As a result Google will show your article or post more.
Hope you have a good understanding of what LSI keywords are and how they work.

Limitations of SEO Keywords

There are many new bloggers who use focus keywords many times in their articles or posts to SEO their articles or posts. Which should not be at all. If you make this type of mistake, you can lose your site’s ranking. Always try to use only 50% focus keywords in the post. And the remaining 50% use LSI keywords. As a result the reader will not get bored reading your post or article. Always use LSI keywords in H2, H3 and Title. As a result, the chances of site ranking will increase a lot.

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How to Find LSI Keyword

There are three best free web sites for finding LSI keywords. Their detailed information is given below.

The number 1 tool for finding LSI keywords

Google search

One of the best tools for finding LSI keywords is Google search. To find LSI keywords,

1. First search your targeted keyword in Google.
2. Scroll to the bottom of the search results page.
3. Below you will find a large list of LSI keywords.
4. Which you can use in your post or article.


The number 2 tool for finding LSI keywords

LSI Graph

Basically LSI Graph is one of the best tools among the most popular tools for finding LSI keywords. Through this you will easily get free LSI keyword list.

Number 3 tool for finding LSI keywords

Keyword Kag

Keyword Kag is popular tool for finding LSI keywords. Through this you can check the search volume of any LSI keyword. Also, you can check keywords of different categories like Question, Product Information, Preposition.

 Some other great tools for finding LSI keywords

Some of the other best tools for finding LSI keywords are:

1. Google Keyword Planner,
2. Google Trends,
3. Answer The Public,
4. LSI Keywords,
5. Twinword Ideas LSI Graph,
6. LSI Keywords,
7. LSI Graph,
8. Niche Laboratory
9. Semantic Link
10. bersuggest

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Where to use LSI Keyword

To use LSI keywords you must first write a copyright free high quality post or article. Remember, your written post or article can rank on the first page of Google. If Google somehow understands that you are copying the post or article, then a copyright claim may come from Google. As a result your site will likely be down. After writing a 100% unique post, you can safely use LSI keywords anywhere in the post or article. Avoid things like spamming and keyword stuffing.


Places where you can safely use LSI keywords are:

1. In place of Title tag,
2. In place of H1, H2, H3 heading,
3. Image in place of alt text
4. Instead of anchor texts
5. In place of permalinks
6. At the beginning of an article
7. At the end of an Ending paragraph.

Advantage of LSI Keyword

By using LSI keywords you can get the following benefits,

1. Using LSI keywords improves user experience.
2. The chances of your website getting ranked in search engines will increase.
3. Your post or article will be SEO friendly.
4. Get rid of problems like keyword stuffing.
5. On Page SEO will improve.

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A final word on LSI keywords

We hope you got to know all kinds of information about LSI keyword. If you have any query related to LSI you can let us know on facebook. We will definitely try to answer your question.
So far today. Stay well, stay healthy and stay tuned to Eduinfobd. Thanks a lot for reading the post till the end.

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