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RU App Payment System-Rajshahi University Bank Payment system

Admission to the new year in the university, filling up of examination forms, payment of any kind of fee in the residential hall is the long line of the bank.

RU Students will Pay all the Fees in the App

Admission to the new year in the university, filling up of examination forms, payment of any kind of fee in the residential hall is the long line of the bank. As it was difficult for one bank to cope with the pressure of paying these fees, a new branch of Sonali Bank was opened at Rajshahi University. RU App Payment System

Rajshahi University Payment System

Even then, the students were not suffering from procrastination. To reduce the suffering, the university is going through the process of online payment of all bills in one app. Without going to the bank, you can pay the examination forms, admission and all kinds of residential hall fees sitting at home. RU App Payment System

The university administration is preparing to provide such facilities. Everything can be provided using the app called ‘Sonali e-Seba’ of the state-owned Sonali Bank. In the meantime, the company is providing all kinds of fee payment services including department and academic at BUET hall. And the state-owned Agrani Bank, which is already operating in the university, has also expressed interest in going for payment automation.

Rajshahi University Bank Payment System

According to Sonali Bank sources, the institution has made all kinds of preparations to provide fully automatic fee payment facility for the students of Rajshahi University. Besides, they have experience in providing full online payment facility at BUET. And they are providing such services in some educational institutions including education board. Soon after the university administration made a policy decision, Sonali Bank contacted the administration. An official proposal has also been sent.

Talking to senior officials of the university administration, it was learned that for several years now, all the fees for online application, purchase of forms and completion of the admission process in the first year of admission test at Rajshahi University have been running through online payment system. In the event of a Corona epidemic, the administration will also allow students of other years of the university to use the online payment method to pay the admission fee in the following year.

However, the university administration plans to bring all kinds of academic, departmental and hall fees online payment process. But the hassle is with the hall’s accommodation, seat rent, collection of various development fees. Which was being collected separately from the bank for so long. The concerned parties including the University ICT Center are working to develop an integrated online system by connecting everything in one app and one tap.

RU APP Payment System

Rajshahi University ICT Center takes care of IT related issues of the university. Its director Professor Babul Islam told Dhaka Post that in the meantime he has been in discussions with the provosts of 16 residential halls of the university. Provosts have been given a checklist in which sectors they charge fees from students. They are given the responsibility to check whether any sector is left out.

They have already submitted the checklist. The work of automation was progressing a bit slowly as there was some busyness in completing the admission process in the first year of the university. He told them that he plans to launch it for the students as soon as it is over.

Meanwhile, Agrani Bank is getting involved in this process even though it is lagging behind in preparation. They also discussed the matter with the university administration. Besides, preparations are underway for the IT department of the bank. Talks were held with Bazlul Huda, Manager, Corporate Branch, Rajshahi University.

“We have also made a proposal to the university administration to get involved in this process,” he said. Our IT department is also working. Initially we may not be able to go into full automation. Maybe a couple of months to go through the semi-automation process (somewhat physically). After that it will run completely online.

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How to Pay RU Fee?

Sonali Bank is leading the way in offering online payment system fees. Students will be able to pay their required fees using the institution’s ‘Sonali e-service’ app. For this you need to download the software from Play Store or Apple’s App Store. After opening the app, you have to click on the option called Rajshahi University Fee from some options. Then you have to give the student’s student ID, type of fee and mobile number.

If all goes well, the student will be told how much to pay. In the next step the student has to make sure that all the information is correct. In the next step the student has to select his payment gateway. There you can pay Sonali Bank Account, Master / Visa / Amex / Nexus or any other card of any bank, or Bikash, Rocket or Ucash using mobile banking system.

Meanwhile, Sonali Bank is working to bring all the fees of university students as well as students of University School and College and Sheikh Russell Model School and College through online payment system. Earlier this month, the bank issued an official letter to the principals of the two institutions. Preliminary discussions have also started

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