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Prophet’s Cartoonist Lars Vix: A cartoonist who painted a caricature of the Prophet of Islam was killed in a road accident

নবীর কার্টুন তৈরিকারী কার্টুনিস্ট দুর্ঘটনায় নিহত

According to local media reports, Lars Vix, a Swedish cartoonist who drew a caricature of the Prophet of Islam, died in a road accident.


The news said that Mr. Vix was traveling in a police car traveling to the southern Swedish town of Markyard when the car collided with a truck.

Two police officers were also killed in the clash. The driver of the truck was injured. Seventy-five-year-old Vix received death threats because of his caricatures. For this reason he was given police security.

Many Muslims were outraged when his paintings were published in 2006. Painting the Prophet is considered blasphemy in the eyes of Islam.
Police did not reveal the identities of those killed in Sunday’s crash. However, Vixen’s partner Dagen Knight, from Stockholm, confirmed the news to the newspaper.
A police statement said it was not yet clear how the clash took place. Initially, however, no evidence of involvement of any other party was found.

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Lars Vix’s caricature caused so much outrage in the Muslim world that then-Swedish Prime Minister Frederick Reinfeldt met with ambassadors from 22 Muslim countries to deal with the situation.

Shortly afterward, al-Qaeda in Iraq announced a 100,000 reward for information leading to the capture of Lars Viks. In 2015, Vix joined a debate on freedom of speech in Copenhagen, a program that was targeted by gunmen. Vix said he was the target of the attack – which killed a film director. Due to the post about the Prophet of Islam in India Violence, 3 killed

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