Top 10 Popular Foods of Bangladesh – Popular Foods of Bangladesh

Top 10 Popular Foods of Bangladesh: Today we will learn about some of the popular foods of Bangladesh. There are many foods in this country that we all like a lot. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. As a result of increasing demand, the food has gradually become popular. Today we will learn about nothing like popular food.

10 Popular Foods of Bangladesh 2022

1. Fuchka

Nowadays, Fuchka is a popular food that is found almost everywhere. It is a kind of street food. This dish is a favorite of almost everyone, big or small. This dish requires papad, more mashed potatoes, eggs, cucumber, and tamarind pickles made with different types of chaat spices.

Top 10 Popular Foods of Bangladesh

To serve the Fuchka, first, the petals have to be cut with the fingers of the hand and the inside of the petals has to be gently plucked. Then crushed eggs and cucumber are given on top of it. Fuchka is finally served with tamarind pickle. This is one of the best snacks in the afternoon.

Popular Foods of Bangladesh

2. Chotpoti

Hot food is one of the most popular types of street food in our daily life. It is very tasty food. In our country, there is a lot of demand for hotpots like Fuchka.

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All the ingredients needed to make the hotpot are chickpeas, puff pastry, eggs, cucumber and tamarind pickle.

Popular Foods of Bangladesh

Chana dal should be boiled with light water. Then you have to make tamarind pickle. For the last serving, pick up the cooked pulses with a spoon in a bowl, then put the chopped cucumber on the pulses. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.

You can also make this food at home. However, since street food is fun to sit on the street is different. I hope this food will increase the taste of your mouth many times.

Top 10 Foods of Bangladesh

3. Morog polao

One of the most popular dishes in Bangladesh is chicken polao. This dish is available in a variety of restaurants or hotels. Chicken and polar rice are used to make this dish. First the chicken is cut into four parts and cooked well with spices and the polao is also cooked separately.

Top 10 Foods of Bangladesh

Then while serving the food, first a piece of chicken is given and the polao is placed on it in such a way that it is not understood that there is meat inside. The dish is served with cucumber and eggs when served in full. This chicken polao is one of the most delicious food to quench our hunger when we go out somewhere.

10 popular Dishes of Bangladesh Details

4. Halim

Halim is a satisfying meal for the evening breakfast. Halim is known as street food just as it is known in famous restaurants. It may take 7-8 hours to cook the mixture of small pieces of meat (chicken/beef), various spices, wheat, barley, and all together semi-liquid thick lentils.

10 popular Dishes of Bangladesh Details 

It is a food of different tastes. This dish is one of the favorite food of the people of our country. Halim is one of the snacks at home.

10 Popular Foods of Bangladesh

5. Kachchi biryani

One of the most popular delicacies is “Kachchi Biryani”. This dish is self-contained for entertaining guests. The food is one of the dishes to be served at a wedding, social event.

10 Popular Foods of Bangladesh

This dish requires meat, potatoes, polar rice, spices, etc. for cooking. The aroma of biryani during cooking multiplies a person’s appetite. It is served with salads, shami kebabs and sauces.

Popular Foods of Bangladesh 2022

6. Vuna khichuri

One of the most popular food of the people of Bangladesh is “Bhuna Khichuri”. The ingredients of this dish are rice, pulses, onion, green chillies and various spices. The food spreads the smell of food around during cooking. Rainy day and roasted khichuri is an incomparable combination.

Popular Foods of Bangladesh 2022

Roasted khichuri is cooked with vegetables, beef, chicken. This is one of the best meals for lunch in any restaurant or hotel and you will definitely find this food in any hotel or restaurant.

Top 10 Foods of Bangladesh 2022

7. Sweet Yogurt

Sweet yogurt is one of the most popular sweets. Sweet yogurt is served after heavy meals on various occasions. Sweet yogurt can usually be eaten after lunch or dinner. This sweet yogurt also helps in digestion. Sweet yogurt requires milk and sugar.

Top 10 Foods of Bangladesh 2022

Large quantities of milk and sugar have to be mixed together for a long time and put in separate containers. It has to be kept like this for about a few hours and then the sweet curd is made as soon as the two freezes are tied. Sweet yogurt you can easily find in any store, hotel or restaurant. And the source of this sweet yogurt is Bogra and from there this sweet yogurt spread all over Bangladesh.

8. Rasmalai

Everyone from children to old people likes sweets. Rasmalai is a popular dish among all the sweet national dishes. You will definitely find this dessert in any sweet shop.

10 Popular Foods of Bangladesh 2022

When we hear the word Malay, water comes to our tongues. To make Malai, you have to mix a lot of milk with cardamom slowly for a long time. Once the malai is made, the small made sweets have to be left in the malai. The small sweets are also in the shape of long flats. Although Rasmalai is dear to us everywhere but Rasmalai of Comilla is the most popular all over Bangladesh. We often have to go to Dhaka for work or for travel. If you want to get good rasmalai in Dhaka, you can go to a confectionery store called “Alibaba Suites”.

9. Borhani

One of the most popular drinks is “Borhani”. Drinking this drink after any heavy meal helps in digestion.

Top 10 Popular Foods of Bangladesh 1

This drink completes the ceremony as a result of serving it at the end of any meal. This drink is different from any other drink. This water needs to be made with mint, cumin and yogurt. It is a semi-liquid drink. You can easily get this drink in any restaurant. However, if you want to get the real taste of this animal, you can make it at home.

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10. Lachchi

Lachchi is one of the most popular drinks to cool the body in summer. This drink helps a lot to make the summer time comfortable.

Top 10 Popular Foods of Bangladesh 2

This drink is made from a combination of yogurt, milk powder, sugar and water. There is no pair of this drink to spend time with family and hang out with friends during the summer. Everyone, big or small, likes to eat lachchi. If any of you have not eaten this drink then I would say you must try this drink. This drink is so popular that you can easily find it in any restaurant or hotel or store. It is also very easy to make so you can make it at home.

The above foods are more popular in our country. It is easily available at any event, restaurant or hotel or any street food store on the street due to its high popularity. People of all ages love these foods which is why Bangladesh has become more popular in a very short time.

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