5G in Bangladesh. Govt Plans And Benefits.

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When Bangladesh will get 5G?

More or less everyone has a question about 5G, when will Bangladesh 5G come. According to the latest information, the 5G network is going to be officially launched in Bangladesh in 2021. Earlier, 4G was launched in Bangladesh in 2018 and the 3G network was launched much earlier. The 5G network is currently a hot topic around the world. Expansion of the network is needed to sort out the spread of technology and to this end, the generation is slowly being taken forward. Bangladesh has come under 2G,3G, and 4G networks, and Bangladesh will launch a 5G network in 2021. The 5G network is going to be much faster than 4G and 3G.
 According to them, Qualcomm has made a comparative analysis in a statement
  • 5G network gives less latency than 4G network, which means 5G network speeds are higher.
  • The capacity of 5G is much higher than 4G
  • Since 5G is a unified platform, it is much more than 4G
  • 5G user spectrum is better than charge
  • Above all, the speed of the 5G network is also that of the 4G network  Much faster than

Is there 5G in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh,5G customers will actually get the maximum experience of HD Stream, Cloud Access, Cloud Computing, Ride Sharing, Food Delivery, and much more and the experience will be much better than 4G. Customers will be able to get acquainted with 5G Bangladesh’s film services and anxious video conferencing and sharing, and air and virtual reality beer services will be faster. Customers are eagerly waiting for the 5G network and it remains to be seen when it will go crazy for customers. It is safe to say that 5G will actually increase the speed of internet-related work in Bangladesh and customers will become more interested in gaming, video sharing, ride sharing, cloud computing, food delivery, etc.

Business Benefits of 5G in Bangladesh

5G is going to play a very important role in the business sector of Bangladesh. E-Commerce is a very well-known business opportunity in Bangladesh. Many customers invest in e-commerce and from there a good feeling. E-commerce is basically an internet-based business that must have a connection to the network.
If the speed of the internet is good, will the commerce sectors be able to order their products very fast and deliver those products Smart factories will be able to run industrial internet using a 5G network and they will be able to increase operational productivity accuracy. Also resource tracking logistics and worker safety applications will be able to improve their productivity. The Bangladeshi 5G network will in fact play a huge role in the business sector, helping e-commerce and the online system to go much further.

How Soon 5G will be available in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh launched 4G network in 2018. It will take till 2020 to reach that network at the village level. SIM companies have tried their best though but due to a large number of underdeveloped people in Bangladesh and the poor network at the village level, the 4G network has been delayed. However, in 2018, most of the cities in Bangladesh have covered the 4G network and the cities have full experience of the 4G network, but sadly, the 3G network is not yet available in some places in the villages. Robi, the second-largest mobile phone operator in Bangladesh, was quoted in the report as saying that the lack of 4G enabled handsets at reasonable prices in the country has given rise to an initial interest in fourth-generation mobile services. The well-known telecom industry had invested a total of  32,000 crores taka for the series but earned only  7,000 crores from it. In that case, when the 5G network is launched in the city in 2021 or later, the experience of the 5G network is expected to be available first, and gradually the villages will be brought under the 5G network. smart cities could use the Five-G as areas such as greater connectivity between people and things and greater data speeds and automated security infrastructure and entertainment could expand further. In addition, 5G in Bangladesh will actually be able to use smart parking, smart waste management, smart street lighting, smart public safety, etc., and there will be security for customers and they will be able to do more in less time. Therefore, it can be said that after entering 5G Bangladesh, the quality of life and productivity of the citizens will increase.

 Advantages of 5G in Bangladesh

Since the speed of 5G is going to be higher and internet users are able to do smooth and buffering video sharing, gaming, video calls and all the work of internet very fast in 5G, it can be said that 5G is actually our internet issues in Bangladesh. we can enjoy the light better.
Bufferless streaming comes first among the benefits of 5G. Streaming is a very popular system in the current era. Streaming is the process of sharing that screen with others while watching videos or playing games. There are many gamers in Bangladesh now who share their screen with their audience on Facebook, YouTube and from there many choose their career again.5G is creating a new possibility in the era of the stream. Throughout computing, high-powered games can be played on low-end PCs that currently exist but many cannot play for the network.

5G Auto Driving Automatic car

Many of us watch automatic car videos on the internet and also see how the car continues to run automatically through the robot and even if the driver’s seat is empty.
Since the latency of the 5G will be very low and the cars will be parked automatically in the parking area due to the low latency and it will give a very good performance if you set the automatic drive a lot of the time. The connectivity of the cars to their own local network and to the server due to the 5G network will be very accurate and that is why the automatic cars can be seen on the road.

 5G Quick download Speed in Bangladesh

The most talked-about aspect of 5G is the fast download service. It is said that 5G will give 30 to 50 times more download speed than 4G, so a full HD movie can be downloaded in a few seconds.
Many people share large files on G-Drive or Cloud storage and downloads from there are hampered due to low speed, but now they can be downloaded instantly as the download speeds are 30 to 50 times higher. In case of a software update, you have to download a very large file. It takes a lot of time to download it through 4G network. In this case, 5G is very effective and you can download big software in just a few minutes which cannot be imagined in 4G.

 5G In Virtual Reality VR

Many countries are currently using reality in the medical field. Bangladesh’s 5G can actually get the Bangladesh experience and in that case,
using virtual reality will make very fine operations in the field of gaming and medicine easier. In the medical field, delicate operations can be performed by robots, and since ultrafine is present in the ID, the operations are becoming more frequent due to accurate communication with the local network using.

 Which Smartphones will Run Five-G

 Most of the smartphones in the current market support 5G network. Phones that support a 5G network can come under 5G network by using a 4G SIM card. To enjoy a 5G network, both smartphone and SIM cards need to be 5G. If only the smartphone is 5G and the SIM card is 4G then the 5G network will not be available. Even if the SIM card is 5G and the smartphone is 4G, the 5G network will not be available.
If you don’t have a 5G smartphone, you should get a 5G smartphone now and when 5G is available for 5G SIM cards, most mobile operators will ask you to shift to change their SIM card. As was the case when they shift from 3G to 4G. In many cases, whether you have a 5G smartphone or a 5G SIM card, whether the 5G network will be available depends on the area, that is, whether the 5G network has reached where you are. The price of the 5G package is going to be the same as the 4G packages but in some cases since the 5G network has to be expanded the price of the 5G may have to be paid in some cases but it will not be much higher than that. The speed of the 5G will typically be 10 times higher than in 4G, the download speed will be 30 to 50 times higher on the phone, but in some cases, the speed may be lower depending on the network and device. It can be said that the 5G Network will definitely have a better experience than the 4G network.

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