How To Turn On Airplane Mode? Why Is Airplane Mode Used On Planes?

Do you fly regularly? If your answer is "yes", then you may have heard the instructions to turn on airplane mode on your mobile phone or any device in your hand before taking off.

How To Turn On Airplane Mode

Do you fly regularly? If your answer is “yes”, then you may have heard the instructions to turn on airplane mode on your mobile phone or any device in your hand before taking off.
Airline mode or flight mode can be found in the dropdown menu of most digital network devices. But what exactly is the mode of this aircraft? And why turn on this flight mode feature when boarding a plane? Is there any use for this feature other than aircraft? Let’s find out the answers to these questions.

What Is Airplane Mode? What Does Flight Mode Mean?

Simply put, when you turn on airplane mode, the SIM, smartphone, tablet or any smart device’s SIM network, WiFi or Bluetooth is blocked. In other words, if airplane mode is turned on, the device will not be able to make or receive any calls, messages will not come, internet will not be used.
The radio frequency required to connect to the network has been disabled in flight mode from these devices. So the network does not work on the phone or any device.
Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and any other internet based app cannot be used if you turn on Biman mode. However, turning on the airplane mode does not leave the phone completely unused.
Messages can be viewed on the phone, pictures and videos can be viewed on the phone and games that do not require internet can be played. Also, you can watch pre-downloaded movies and listen to music on the phone.

Why Is Airplane Mode Used On Planes?

Now the question is why turn on the airplane mode of the electronic device during the flight?
Any modern passenger aircraft relies heavily on electronic communication and navigation systems. These devices work on electromagnetic energy transfer and the smartphone network is capable of disrupting this communication.
Currently, most airlines allow their passengers to connect to Wi-Fi, but prior permission is required. The airline that allows passengers to use electronic devices has full responsibility for their safety and risk. It is also essential to follow the safety rules established by various aviation agencies.
The current aircraft has WiFi and voice calling capabilities. However, despite this advantage, it is mandatory for many airlines to have SCOPE devices in airplane mode for the entire duration of the flight. The job of flight attendants is to inform passengers about what kind of devices can be used on the flight. Everyone on the flight, including the cabin and flight crew, must follow these rules. Again, it is possible to take legal action if these rules are not followed.

Other Uses Of Airplane Mode

Airplane mode is used so that the signal of the device during the flight does not interfere with the required signal of the plane – we have already understood. It is the responsibility of everyone to adhere to the aviation mode policy to ensure maximum safety on the flight.
However, there are other uses of airplane mode in addition to flight times. Let’s take a look at other uses of aviation mode on smartphones and other electronic devices.
Reduction of scattering

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What happens when you put in airplane mode?

If you easily lose focus, you can use airplane mode to focus on anything. Since you don’t have internet connection when you turn on airplane mode, you can’t use popular apps like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram.
Also the phone is silent as the notification is off, so there is no chance of losing focus. Incoming phone calls and messages do not come while in flight mode. In this case, you can check calls and messages with work breaks.
If you do not want to stay up at night with notifications, messages, calls, etc., you can also use flight mode. However, the alarm clock of the phone works properly, which is a good thing.
Save battery life

In case of emergency, you can use flight mode if you want to save a long time on the battery charge of the phone. Turning on the phone’s turns off WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and network connectivity. This will increase the battery life of the phone.
Charge the phone quickly

Is Airplane Mode Really Necessary?

When Airplane mode is turned on, the network features are turned off, only the basic functions of the phone are turned on. As a result, the phone’s battery charges relatively quickly when is turned on. So you can use airplane mode to quickly charge the phone.
In case of giving phone in the hands of children

If kids want to play games on the phone or use the app, be sure to turn on flight mode before handing the phone to them. Flight mode will prevent children from using malicious websites and making in-app purchases. You can avoid forgetting to send a message or send photos and videos to someone
Do you use aviation mode on the phone? Let us know your experience using flight mode or flight mode in the comments section.

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